Tips To Keep Your Aging Parents From Feeling Isolated

Hi, Lucy Andrews, At Your Service Homecare. Here’s a few tips on helping your parents to not feel so isolated at home.

My mom used to say to me “Oh honey, I don’t want to come because I can’t hear well, I will be the fifth wheel, I just don’t feel comfortable going out anymore”. We also know that when people get more and more isolated, their world gets smaller and smaller, then their health starts to get worse and they really lose that connection, that social connection that’s so, so important to help the aging. So here’s a few things you can do if you have a parent that you want to invite over, but they’re really hesitant to come, they may say things like “I don’t want to go. It’s too much for me to come. I can’t hear well. I have to use the bathroom too often. My medication bothers me when I’m out.”.

Well the best thing that you can do to try and encourage them is to decrease some of those blocks for them. If it’s too hard for them to drive, have one of your teenagers go pick them up, or you pick them up to make it easier for them to come and go. Promise them that you will let them leave whenever they are ready to, regardless of whether the party is over.

Another thing to do is make it so they’re included in the process, but not overwhelmed. Often times people have hard time hearing when there’s multiple conversations going on. So make sure and try and have one-on-ones and encourage your family members to do that, to have a little time that they just speak directly and only to that person.

Make the pathways to your bathrooms very accessible. Make sure they have everything that they need and that they can get up and go as easily as possible into another room, into the bathroom. And if they want to take a little rest makes sure you give them plenty of love and space in order to do that. “Would you like to take a little nap mom before the company comes?” or “What can I do to make you more comfortable?”.

These tips will really help them and encourage them to participate socially which is such an important factor as we age. Those are the tips of the day, this is Lucy Andrews, At Your Service Homecare in Santa Rosa, signing off.