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Senior Care Fun: Game and Puzzle Week

Senior Care in Santa Rosa CA Games and puzzles are a fantastic way to enhance your senior care plan by providing fun and engaging mental stimulation that helps to keep your aging loved ones’ minds sharp, their memory skills honed, their cognitive processing abilities strong, and their emotional health balanced. During the third week of…

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Senior Care Strategies in Santa Rosa,CA: Ways to Cope with Summertime Allergies

Seasonal allergies are a result of pollen from trees, grass, and weeds. Millions of Americans are affected by summertime allergies and the elderly are not exempt. In fact, allergies in the elderly are more complicated because of other health conditions, medications, and a weaker immune system. Senior care will play an important role in helping the elderly cope with summertime allergies.

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Senior Care in Santa Rosa, CA – Dealing with Shingles

You might not know this, but shingles is actually very common. Over half of all Americans will have had it by the time they reach age 80. If you aren’t familiar with shingles, it’s a painful disease of the skin that’s basically the chicken pox coming back, and usually only affects one side of your body. This type of virus is one that you have for life, and it just stays inactive until your immune system is down for a time. This is why elderly people most often get shingles because of their other health problems. If your senior parent is showing signs of shingles or the pain of it is impacting their daily life, then it’s time to do something about it. Keep reading to find out more about shingles and how you can help.

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Senior Care Concerns in Santa Rosa CA: Depression and Dementia, any Connection?

There are many people who have questions when it pertains to dementia. There is still so much that doctors and researchers simply don’t know about these various brain diseases, including the causes and potential cures. One question that seems to come up a lot when it pertains to senior care and dementia is whether or not depression could be a potential cause of the disease.

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Some Common Alzheimer’s Symptoms and How Senior Care Can Help in Santa Rosa CA

Alzheimer’s affects the brain in a way that makes it difficult for individuals to communicate, think, learn, remember, and reason. It is a progressive brain disorder that greatly impacts a person’s work, social activities, and family life. Senior care should be able to recognize the common symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s and take the appropriate steps to help.

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