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What is a Hemorrhagic Stroke?

Elderly Care in Santa Rosa CA Each year throughout the United States approximately 800,000 people suffer a stroke. This leaves stroke as the fifth leading cause of death among both men and women, and the leading cause of disability among adults throughout the nation. As a family caregiver it is vitally important that you understand…

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Elderly Care Recipes: Sweet and Beautiful Watermelon Jelly


Elderly Care in Santa Rosa CA Depending on where you spent your childhood, you may have many memories of your mother and grandmother putting up preserves during the summer months to stock up the cellar and pantry with good food for the fall and winter months. Putting up preserves, along with canning and pickling, is…

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Urgent Elderly Care: Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke

Elderly Care in Santa Rosa CA In your role as a family caregiver for your elderly parents, you hope you are able to give them the healthiest, happiest lifestyle possible. You put effort and consideration into building your elderly care plan around making sure their physical, mobility, medical, and emotional needs are met and work…

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Elderly Care in Santa Rosa, CA – How Fresh Fruit Makes You Feel Better

As a busy caregiver you need to feel your best. Fresh fruit is a great choice for both you and your elderly loved one. Elderly care providers can assist your aging loved one in fixing nutritious meals each day and cleaning up after. If there are basic tasks of living your elderly parent needs help with, call the agency today and arrange some elder care services.

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Elderly Care Santa Rosa CA: What to do if your Senior Loved One has Hypoglycemia

A person with hypoglycemia has a low blood glucose level. At 70 mg or lower, a vast array of problems arise. Body function is impaired and there are raised levels of unease, anxiety, weakness, hunger and even seizures and heart palpitations among others. For the senior with diabetes, hypoglycemia is extremely serious and can result in unconsciousness or insulin shock.

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Elderly Care in Santa Rosa, CA: Plowing Through the Problems

Baby boomers have been watching the years zoom past, and now one of their paramount concerns is realizing the many problems that can come up in caring for their aging parents. There must be many questions running through your mind right now, questions like: How do you decide when it’s not safe anymore for your…

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