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Seniors and Diabetes: What You Need to Know

Senior Care in Rohnert Park CA

Did you know that November is National Diabetes Month?  The goal of National Diabetes Month is to increase awareness of the disease and to Senior-Care-Rohnert-Park-CApromote prevention and treatment.  Diabetes affects nearly 30 million children and adults in the United States today, but many people still don’t know the risk factors, how to properly treat it, and all of the facts of the disease.  The truth is, about 26.9% of Americans over age 60 is living with diabetes so it is important that seniors and their caregivers are aware of the dangers of diabetes and the steps that can be taken to keep it under control.


What are the risks of diabetes?

Most diabetic seniors have type 2 diabetes which means that the body is not making enough insulin and/or id cannot sue the insulin it does make correctly.  Insulin is what helps use glucose for energy.  Diabetes and a high blood glucose level can lead to several serious complications such as blindness, nerve damage, and several different skin infections and conditions.


How can these complications be prevented?

Type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to lead to devastating complications.  Lifestyle changes and choices and help prevent them, but it takes some effort on the part of the senior as well as their caregivers.  Here are some ways diabetes can be controlled:

•   Eating a healthy diet.  A balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables can help glucose levels stay under control.  It is important to consume food with a low glycemic index, as well.

•   Quitting smoking.  In addition to lowering the risk of lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease, smoking cessation can also help prevent the complications of diabetes.

•   Exercising.  Staying active is important not only for the management of diabetes for overall health.  Before starting any type of exercise program, however, it is absolutely necessary to speak with a doctor first.

•   Checking in with a doctor.  Prepare for doctor’s appointments by bringing a list of questions and concerns.  Try not to miss any scheduled appointments!


National Diabetes Month is a perfect time for diabetic seniors to start making these and other lifestyle changes.  With diabetes comes many risks, but it is a disease that be controlled by good habits.  Family caregivers, home care aides and family members should all be involved and aware of a senior loved one’s diabetes management plan.  Seniors with diabetes need their encouragement and support!


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