What Can a Senior Expect During Chemo?

Getting diagnosed with cancer as a senior can be one of the most terrifying experiences to deal with. It can be hard to tell their grown-up children, and it can be horrifying trying to figure out the next steps alone. A senior home care provider can help a senior get to and from appointments and even help them communicate what is going on to their family members. When an older adult gets diagnosed with cancer, a senior home care provider can be a beneficial asset to have during this time.

Senior Home Care Sonoma CA - What Can a Senior Expect During Chemo?

Senior Home Care Sonoma CA – What Can a Senior Expect During Chemo?

Once cancer has been diagnosed, there will be tons of appointments after, and a senior may not know what to expect. The first chemotherapy treatment can be terrifying to go to alone. A senior home care provider can drive your parent or loved one to the appointment and may be able to wait for them to finish up their treatments and drive them back.

There are a few things the seniors should expect from their first chemo treatments. Sometimes doctors will request a senior to show up much earlier for their very first treatment, and it is important to get there on time. A senior home care provider will know the seniors’ new schedule and help them get to all appointments on time.

Here is What to Expect The First Day of Chemotherapy

One of the first things a doctor may request a senior do before their first chemo treatment is blood work. The senior will need to go to the appointment a few hours before the chemo is scheduled to get blood work done. The bloodwork will tell the doctors if the senior can continue with their first session. If anything comes back abnormal, there may be further instructions to get healthy enough to do the first round of chemo.

Once the blood work is done, the seniors will be escorted to the infusion floor, where they will be given a room or a place to stay. Then their vitals will be taken before starting the treatment. All vitals must check out before continuing. After this step is done, the seniors will head back to their room for the first round of chemo. At some treatment centers, a senior may be allowed to have one caregiver with them during the infusion process. However, a senior home care provider will need to check with the hospital first.

During a chemo session, there is a lot of waiting time that should be used to relax. If a caregiver can come into the session, they can bring some activities for a senior to do. During the first few minutes, a nurse will order the chemo mix and any drugs that are needed to take before the chemo. The drugs can take 30 minutes or more to arrive.

The nurse will hook a senior up to a saline solution. Once all of the medication comes, they will be taken, and then the nurse will hook up the chemo bags to a new IV. Depending on the treatment plan, chemo sessions can last a few minutes to several hours. Seniors will have no idea how they will feel after the first round, so it is important to have a senior home care provider there to help.

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