Visiting The Emergency Room as a Senior

Tons of seniors visit the ER every year, and it is so important to know the process of checking in and what information you need. Sometimes a senior may not know when they need medical care, or they may avoid going because they have no way there. This is when it is so crucial to find the right senior home care services to help with daily activities like this.

Senior Home Care Oakmont CA - Visiting The Emergency Room as a Senior

Senior Home Care Oakmont CA – Visiting The Emergency Room as a Senior

A senior should be going to the doctor regularly, but there are times when emergencies happen. Seniors should be putting their health first, but it can be unnerving and scary to go into the emergency room. Having a plan and knowing a few simple tips may help the visit go smoothly. If you are a senior or care for an elderly relative, or if you find yourself in an emergency situation requiring a trip to the hospital, remember these helpful tips.

Bring Important Health Information

Having your medical history and facts written down greatly assists in a pinch. Make sure you have the name and number of your doctor handy, as well as a note of any illnesses, drugs, and dosages you take. You may carry a paper copy of the list, save it on your phone, or use one of the numerous accessible apps. The list has to be updated when there is a change in drugs. This is especially helpful when senior home care cares for your senior and may not remember all the information. Something written is crucial. A patient’s electronic medical data are kept by health systems, but if an ambulance brings them to a hospital other than their regular one, that institution may not have access to their information.

Ask Doctors to Call Ahead

Many see their primary care providers before making their way to the emergency room. If you are coming in on a doctor’s orders, have your doctor phone ahead to the ER and explain why you need to be seen. This does not ensure you will be seen sooner since all emergency room patients are triaged or sorted, with the most critical problems treated first. But having your doctor’s phone beforehand helps guarantee that the most precise information regarding your illness is transmitted to the emergency department personnel. Older individuals typically have intricate medical histories, and this simple phone call may result in a clearer picture of your health and a better overall experience.

Speak Up Earlier and Be Honest

You and your loved ones must be open and honest with the medical staff caring for you. Professionals in fields like social work and physical therapy are often needed to address problems like the one described above. If something is really bothering a senior, they should state it clearly, to begin with. On the other hand, if you came in to encourage your mom to get checked out but don’t wish to say anything in front of them, you still need to tell the doctor. Having an open and honest conversation about health is crucial for the doctor when trying to treat the patient.

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