Senior Home Care: How To Sneak More Vegetables Into a Senior’s Diet

Not everyone grew up eating vegetables or focusing on health. As a person ages, it can become even more crucial to get all of the vitamins and minerals that are found in vegetables; it can be essential to eat well-rounded meals. Some seniors may not like the taste of vegetables or can’t taste much of anything, which means that they don’t like to eat as much as they once did. Senior home care providers can help seniors by cooking for them, trying out new recipes focused on vegetables, and being well-rounded.

Senior Home Care Petaluma CA - Senior Home Care: How To Sneak More Vegetables Into a Seniors Diet

Senior Home Care Petaluma CA – Senior Home Care: How To Sneak More Vegetables Into a Senior’s Diet

Senior home care aides may have to find sneaky ways to add in more vegetables or mask the taste of certain vegetables. There are easy recipes and fun ways to sneak these in a while, still getting all of the health benefits. Most vegetables are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that help the body fight off diseases and boost immunity. It’s not something that should be left out of a diet.

Adding in more vegetables to a diet can help a person maintain a healthy weight or drop the extra pounds and stay full for longer when prepared correctly. Understanding how to prepare vegetables is one of the biggest reasons people choose to skip them. When they are not cooked properly, they can taste bad.

This is the best place to start if a caregiver is looking for ways to add in more vegetables.

Turn Veggies Into Soup

Soups make a great way to mask the taste of vegetables and the best thing about creating a dish this way is it can be easy to prepare. If the senior has a crockpot a vegetable soup can be started in the morning and left on low for a few hours. This means caregivers just need to chop up the veggies and add them to stock in the crockpot.

Use Vegetable Noodles

If you have a senior that loves pasta and sauce, try out vegetable noodles. You can find spaghetti squash noodles, zucchini, and even eggplant noodles. This can be a great alternative to pasta and add vegetables into a seniors diet. Senior home care and seniors can also try making their own together, if they have a spiralizer.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Cauliflower crust is not as hard as you think to make it. Whip up a batch of dough from leftover cauliflower and turn it into a crust. Then make a pizza with sauce and more vegetables. This is a fun but really tasty way to eat more vegetables without the earthy flavor.

Vegetable Lasagna

This is another good way to add in vegetables when a senior normally likes lasagna. Home care can thinly slice up a zucchini and layer it to make a lasagna. It tastes delicious and the senior may not even notice the noodles are missing.

Lettuce Wrapped Burgers

Some seniors love hamburgers and that’s understandable, but eating all that meat and bread may not be the best health choice. Instead of using bread, layer up a burger and then wrap it in a piece of lettuce or multiple pieces.

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