Learn How to Create a Tranquil Garden Area for Easing Stress

Just over 7 out of 10 people surveyed by The American Institute of Stress reported feeling mental and physical symptoms during times of stress. Almost half reported that the stress they experience is increasing.

Stress can cause headaches, increase the amount of glucose the liver releases, and increase blood pressure. If you experience stress or know your parents do, it’s important to learn how to manage it.

Senior Care Sonoma CA - Learn How to Create a Tranquil Garden Area for Easing Stress

Senior Care Sonoma CA – Learn How to Create a Tranquil Garden Area for Easing Stress

Meditation and Breathing Exercises Can Help Ease Stress

Meditation and breathing are two ways to ease stress. With both of them, it’s not hard to practice the exercises that help the most. Breathing is simply a matter of taking a deep breath through the nose so that the belly extends. Hold it for a few seconds and slowly breathe it out through the mouth.

As you continue breathing, let your mind go to a calm area. Shut your eyes, breathe, and imagine you’re on a beach listening to the surf or in a flower-filled meadow. If you get your mind just to focus on that image, it can quiet the things that cause you to stress such as worries about finances, health, or work that’s building up.

Create a Tranquil Space for Meditation

You want a quiet, tranquil space for your meditation and breathing. A garden is ideal. Not only do you and your parents benefit from a spot where you can sit in the sun and breath fresh air, but you’re also surrounded by the scent of flowers.

To establish this garden space, you want a level spot with comfortable seating. Benches or patio chairs work well. A water feature may be added if the sound of water is soothing to your family. Water features don’t have to be elaborate. You could set up a small pond with a pond pump in a half whiskey barrel and add a water lily or two.

Flowers with strong scents tie in an aromatherapy aspect. Roses, lilacs, freesia, hyacinth, lily of the valley, and magnolias are all flowers that fill the air with perfume.

Don’t let stress impact your health. Don’t let stress drag your parents’ moods down. Tranquil garden space is a good step in helping ease stress. In addition, you can arrange senior care services to help your parents stay social, have help with daily activities of living, and gain friendship. A senior care specialist is available to help you schedule services as often as your parents need.

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