If your senior is having trouble with mobility, she might worry that she’ll never be able to regain her quality of life. She may also worry that she’ll be forced to give up her independence and the lifestyle choices that she loves. You can help her through these issues, but you might find that you need some help, too.

Senior Care Sebastopol CA - What Can You Do to Help a Senior with Limited Mobility?

Senior Care Sebastopol CA – What Can You Do to Help a Senior with Limited Mobility?

What’s Causing the Mobility Problems?

Someone with mobility problems typically has an underlying cause for those issues. Your senior might have a chronic health problem or old injury that’s contributing to her current difficulties with mobility. If you’re not doing anything to help with that underlying issue, the mobility issues are going to remain problematic. Talk with her doctor about what treatments and assistance are available to help her.

Your Senior May Have an Emotional Response to Mobility Issues

It’s emotionally taxing to be unable to move in the ways that you’re accustomed to moving. And when those mobility issues cause her to give up things that she loves doing, that becomes an even bigger problem. Helping her to realize what she can still do can be a tremendously helpful solution when she’s feeling depressed or upset about the difficulties she’s experiencing.

Bring in Senior Care Providers to Help

Your senior may have such a difficult time with mobility that it’s difficult to get much done. That doesn’t mean that she has to fight through housework and chores on her own. Senior care providers can take on those tasks for her, leaving her more energy to do the things that she wants and needs to do herself. They can also help her when she’s having extreme difficulties with her mobility. Senior care services can also help you to improve safety issues in your senior’s home, ensuring she’s better able to do things safely for herself.

Make Sure You Have What You Need

In order to help your senior, you need to also have what you need. Time for yourself and support for your own needs is absolutely essential. Depending on how bad your senior’s mobility is, you may need physical assistance in order to help her to move properly. Pay attention to how you’re feeling, both physically and emotionally, so that you can take care of your needs, too.

Whether these issues your senior is having with mobility are temporary or permanent, it’s vital to have some plans in place. Helping her to deal with the physical and emotional impact of difficulty moving is absolutely crucial.

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