Recovering from physical limitations takes time and that can mean boredom, anxiety, and even depression. You might be able to help your senior to avoid all of that by formulating a plan for helping her brain have fun while her body heals.

Senior Care Santa Rosa CA - Four Tips for Keeping Your Senior’s Brain Going When Her Body Has to Slow Down

Senior Care Santa Rosa CA – Four Tips for Keeping Your Senior’s Brain Going When Her Body Has to Slow Down

Make Sure You Understand Just What She’s Able to Do

Every situation is different, of course, and your aging family member may or may not have some physical restrictions to manage. She may not be able to sit fully upright for a while, for instance. So, it’s important to fully understand what restrictions and challenges your elderly family member is going to have so that you can accommodate those as much as possible while she’s recovering.

Brainstorm Some Ideas with Your Senior

Talk to your elderly family member about what she might enjoy doing. She might want to try crafts or hobbies, or she might want to read or watch movies. She might want to have a variety of different options ready to go, just in case. Odds are very high that she won’t be engaging in all of the activities you prepare for her but having as thorough a list of ideas as possible is a great idea.

Get What You Need Beforehand, if Possible

Preparing is the next step. If your senior is already recovering, you might have a time crunch to worry about. But if you’re preparing in advance, you can take your time gathering whatever your senior might need or want while she’s recuperating. Remember to stock up on comfort items, too, like snacks that your senior will be able to enjoy or loose, comfy clothing that’s easy to wear and to lounge in. Any pampering you can do can help.

Line up Any Other Help She Might Need

What other assistance will your senior need? If she’s truly limited in her physical activity, she may need more help than either of you realize. Help from senior care providers makes a huge difference. They can assist her with mobility and ensure that she’s got what she needs. Senior care aides can also help with meal preparation and helping keep your senior’s home neat and clean.

It’s easy to get down in the dumps when forced to slow down and recuperate. What helps a lot is to have a plan for keeping your senior mentally engaged and busy so that she can pass that time more easily.

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