It’s easy to imagine that older adults who are retired are living the easy life. It would be nice to think that our elderly family members have nothing to worry about. However, just the opposite is true. Seniors experience stress the same way that younger adults do, but they may be experiencing it for different reasons. It’s a good time to learn about what might be causing your aging relative stress and consider what you may be able to do to relieve it.

Below are some common causes of stress for seniors.


Senior Care Rohnert Park CA - What Causes Stress in Seniors?

Senior Care Rohnert Park CA – What Causes Stress in Seniors?

Some older adults spend a lot of time alone. They may be living alone for the first time because of the loss of a spouse. Or, they may have recently moved to be closer to their adult children and lost connections with friends. In addition, some of their friends and family members have probably passed away. Being alone puts seniors at risk of being socially isolated, which means they rarely have the opportunity for social interaction with others. People who are socially isolated are frequently more ill than people who stay connected. They also typically die sooner.

Senior care can provide a point of social interaction for your aging relative. In addition to having a senior care provider to talk to, the senior will also have the opportunity to get out of the house more because the provider can drive them places and assist them to walk safely without fear of falling.

Health Problems

Many older adults suffer from chronic health problems, like arthritis or diabetes. Having these kinds of problems can be worrisome. Not only do they cause stress because of the way they make the person feel, there may also be worry about what the future holds and how the senior will pay for medical bills.

Senior care providers can help seniors to manage their health conditions by reminding them to take medications, cooking healthy meals, and driving them to medical appointments.

Memory Loss

Memory loss, even the kind that is normal in old age, can be stressful for older adults. It can cause them to worry about missing important appointments, losing items, or forgetting to pay bills. And, seniors who are in the early stages of dementia may worry about what will happen to them in the future.

Having a senior care provider can ease some of the stress caused by memory loss. The older adult will know that they have someone they can rely on to help them remember things like appointments, taking medication, and paying monthly bills. Senior care providers can also reassure seniors with dementia that they will have the care they need as their condition worsens.


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