It’s completely normal to feel anxious sometimes. However, when anxiety is frequent or interferes with everyday life, it may be because of an anxiety disorder. About 18 percent of adults suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder. In older adults, the most common kind of anxiety is generalized anxiety disorder, which is a condition where the senior worries constantly and about many different things.

Senior Care Novato CA - How to Manage Chronic Anxiety in Older Adults

Senior Care Novato CA – How to Manage Chronic Anxiety in Older Adults

If your aging relative suffers from anxiety, they should see a doctor because treatments are available. In addition to the treatments recommended by the doctor, there are additional things that can be done at home to help manage chronic anxiety, such as the suggestions that appear below.

Stay Connected

Older adults with anxiety may be tempted to isolate themselves from others. However, that can make anxiety worse. Encourage the senior to spend time with family and friends. Go on outings to places they enjoy, like the library, museums, or movie theaters. They might also consider volunteering at a local organization or joining a club.

Getting out of the house can be difficult for older adults who cannot drive because of illness or disability. A senior care provider can offer transportation to anywhere in the community the person needs to go, including to restaurants and friends’ houses.

Avoid Anxiety Triggers

Some things can make anxiety worse, such as:

  • Caffeine.
  • Alcohol.
  • Nicotine.
  • Eating too much.
  • Taking some over-the-counter cold medicines.
  • Some herbal supplements.

To identify triggers for your aging relative’s anxiety, pay attention to what they eat and what was going on before they became anxious. Keep track of symptoms in a journal, as well as what they eat and drink and activities. This can help you notice patterns and avoid triggers in the future.

Senior care providers can help to log foods and activities as well as anxiety symptoms. They can also help with avoiding known anxiety triggers.

Try Pet Therapy

Interacting with pets can help to calm anxiety. If the older adult has a pet, encourage them to pet it, go for a walk with it, or play with it when they are feeling anxious. The pet’s antics can cheer them up and distract them from their worries.

A senior care provider can assist with caring for your aging relative’s pet, such as by feeding it, taking it outside, and driving the senior and pet to the veterinarian. If the person does not have a pet, there may be organizations in their area that offer pet therapy. Volunteering at the humane society may also help. A senior care provider can drive the older adult to a place where pet therapy is offered or to the humane society to volunteer.


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