Senior Care Technology – iPad

Hi, Lucy Andrews here, At Your Service Home Care.

Have you ever thought about getting your parents an iPad? Maybe they’re not even familiar with computers but a iPad is a wonderful tool and a great use of technology that we can help our parents do very basic things and very complex things, and it’s a great way to stay in touch. We can use FaceTime or you can use Skype, all these technologies help, over the remote far miles, to stay together, so you can have your granddaughter in New York and your parents in Santa Rosa, and they can still be communicating together in real-time.

The other great thing about iPads is that you can write notes on them, they can play games on them and we know that brain games are so very important, and it really helps with a little bit of help around the isolation because many times, seniors when they are home alone, all day, begin to feel very, very isolated. And no wonder if you’re not talking to anybody or communicating with anybody from the outside world. So, having a iPad that you can show them how to communicate with simple emails, they can look at their bank statements, there’s all sorts of things, and you don’t have to invest in a huge computer. They’re great opportunity for communication and technology that assists us in aging healthy. So, my big gift item this year for my 80-year-old or 90-year-old is going to be that iPad.

This is Lucy Andrews with a technology update from At Your Service Home Care, signing off.