How Can You Help Your Loved One Deal with Sleep Issues?

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When your loved one is having trouble sleeping, that can disrupt your sleep patterns, too. Before you know it, you both might end up in a sleep-deprived state or switching your waking and sleeping hours. Here are some tips to help combat sleep issues.

Talk to Her Doctor

When your loved one first has issues sleeping well, talk to her doctor. There could be a variety of reasons that her sleep habits have changed, from a medical condition to side effects from existing medications. He can narrow down what might be causing your loved one’s issues and work with you to help her to find an effective solution.

Pay Attention to When and What She’s Eating

What and when your loved one eats and drinks can have a huge effect on her ability to sleep. Caffeine in the afternoon, for example, can be a huge reason that your loved one can’t get to sleep. Sugar is another culprit, but your loved one may have other foods that make it difficult for her to sleep. Try keeping a food diary in which you track what and when your loved one eats and drinks. Then try to correlate that with her sleeping patterns.

Start Closing Curtains and Turning Down Lights in the Evening

In the evening, it can help your loved one to start experiencing a natural dimming, sort of like what happens when the sun goes down. Start closing curtains and dimming lights to help signal your loved one’s brain and body that it’s becoming time to sleep. Limiting time with screens, such as televisions and tablets, before bed can also help quite a bit.

Set up a Sleep Schedule

If your loved one doesn’t already have a sleep schedule, it’s time to set one up. Work with your loved one to choose a bedtime and a wakeup time. Then start adhering to that schedule. Having a solid sleep schedule helps your loved one’s body to get into a natural sleeping and waking rhythm. It can take a few days or longer for your loved one to acclimate to a new schedule.

Your loved one’s senior care providers may also have additional tips and recommendations that could help, so be sure to let them know what’s going on.

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