Senior Care Home Upgrades For Aging Parents

Hi, Lucy Andrews, At Your Service Home Care. Today I want to talk about home safety. Do I really need to remodel my parent’s home? Well, that’s a really good question, and depending upon what’s going on with your individual parent or loved one, the answer may be yes and the answer may be no, but here’s a few quick tips that’ll help you assess what kind of things you need to be safe at home.

The first one is lighting. Make sure that there’s adequate lightings in stairwells, at the front door, in between the halls in the bedroom and the bathroom. Night lights work wonder, and you can get solar ones that turn on only when it’s dark so you don’t have to actually physically go and turn them on.

The second thing is, probably the most common, is grab bars. These are little bars that are installed either in the tub, in the shower, or next to the toilet most often to help people get up and down. These are bars that are put in. Sometimes you can get away with doing it on your own. Sometimes you need to have a contractor to help you or a handyman can do these things, but these will help people be able to get up and move. So, get up out of a shower, a bathtub, or a bath bench, or off the toilet.

Using these two things, better lighting in your home, especially in between if someone gets up at night between that bedroom and the bathroom, and using grab bars that are assistive devices that are attached to the wall that really helps stabilize us, help us lift out of a seat, help us maintain our balance in the slippery bathtub or shower and just need that little extra boost to get up. These things will help you be safe at home.

This is Lucy Andrews, At Your Service Home Care, signing off.