How Personal Care at Home Services Work

Personal care at home services is the right service for some needs but not for others. How can you tell when your dad needs personal care and when it’s not the right choice? Here’s a guide to how personal care services work.

Help With Bathing, Hygiene, and Grooming

Personal Care at Home Cotati CA - How Personal Care at Home Services Work

Personal Care at Home Cotati CA – How Personal Care at Home Services Work

One of the leading reasons to hire personal care at home attendants is due to the need for help with bathing, hygiene tasks, and grooming. Your dad needs help taking a shower each morning. He needs someone to help him get into the shower, use the handheld shower wand, wash his hair and body, and rinse off.

After his shower, he needs help drying off, applying moisturizer, and getting dressed in clothing that’s appropriate for the day’s weather. He may need someone to shave his face and neck and apply aftershave. Your dad can’t brush and style his hair, and he needs a caregiver to do it for him. All of that is possible with personal care services.

You can also have personal care at home attendants help your dad with oral care. If he needs help brushing and flossing his teeth, hire a caregiver to help out. Caregivers can trim his fingernails and toenails. They can make sure he has lip balm on his lips to keep them from drying out and becoming chapped.

Assistance With Toileting

Suppose your dad cannot get on and off the toilet. He needs cueing to remind him to go use the toilet an hour or so after he drinks a glass of water. After he’s used the toilet, he needs help cleaning up, pulling up his underwear and pants, and getting dressed again.

He might need to use incontinence briefs in case of accidents. He has an accident and needs help cleaning up and changing into a fresh pair. Personal care attendants can assist him with these aspects of personal care and toileting.

Feeding Meals and Cleaning Up After

Your dad can no longer feed himself. Picking up and manipulating a spoon, fork, or even spork is too difficult. He needs someone to feed him and wipe his face after. That’s possible with personal care at home services.

Personal Care at Home Aides Help with Transfers From Bed to a Chair and Vice Versa

Suppose your dad had a stroke and cannot manage to get from his bed into his wheelchair. Maybe he cannot get from his wheelchair to a shower seat and back after he’s showered. He can’t get from his wheelchair to his favorite armchair and back again.

He might not have the muscle strength to stand up and steady himself before walking around. Your dad needs help getting out of bed each month. All of that is covered with personal care at home services.

Do these personal care at home services sound right for your dad’s needs? Call our home care specialist to schedule the services he needs.

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