How Personal Care at Home Benefits the Top Health Issues

What is personal care at home? It’s a service where caregivers come to the house to help people remain independent by assisting with more challenging daily activities. Five of the most common chronic health conditions benefit significantly from the help of caregivers. If your parents have these health issues, it’s time to address their care needs.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Personal Care at Home Rohnert Park CA - How Personal Care at Home Benefits the Top Health Issues

Personal Care at Home Rohnert Park CA – How Personal Care at Home Benefits the Top Health Issues

More than six million adults have Alzheimer’s dementia. As the disease progresses, memory loss impacts the ability to cook, clean, and drive a car. Your mom or dad will not remember to take prescription medications without reminders.

In the latter stages, mobility, personal care, and toileting are all skills that disappear. With all of these, caregivers can make sure your mom or dad is supported through each stage.


Almost 25% of U.S. adults have arthritis, and the older you are, the higher the risk. Arthritis pain can make it hard to remain mobile. Knee or ankle pain can lead to falling on stairs or difficulty getting up from a seated position.

Think about your parents’ home. In many older homes, laundry rooms are in the basement or on the lowest level. If your parents suffer from joint pain and have to go up and down a flight of stairs, can they do that easily while balancing a heavy laundry bin? Caregivers can do the laundry for them.


Over 14 million older adults have diabetes. Your mom or dad needs to check blood sugar levels, eat the right foods, and get plenty of exercise. Yearly appointments with eye doctors are also essential.

Your mom and dad can have caregivers encouraging them to be active, get outside for a walk, and help them shop for groceries. With personal care at home services, their caregiver can also cook food for them.

Heart Disease

Over 18 million adults have heart disease. When your mom or dad has heart disease, the doctor will give specific instructions on exercise, diet, and medications. They need to follow that guidance. Caregivers can help by offering medication reminders, meal preparation services, and support while exercising.

High Blood Pressure

Almost have of U.S. adults have high blood pressure. Losing weight and following a low sodium diet are important steps. Your parent’s doctor may also advise daily medications like beta-blockers. Caregivers can encourage daily exercise and help your mom or dad plan weekly menus by incorporating whole foods they shop for each week.

Personal care at home service is not something to put off until an emergency occurs. Arrange to have caregivers help your mom and dad maintain their independence. Call our personal care at home advisor to learn more about the services and prices.


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Emily Sloma