Daily Tasks for Seniors To Look And Feel Their Best

One of the symptoms of depression in seniors is poor personal hygiene. But there is also some data that shows that poor personal hygiene can also worsen depression. Seniors who may be physically struggling to perform personal hygiene tasks may feel scared, embarrassed, or ashamed and those emotions can also worsen their anxiety and depression. For seniors looking good and feeling good are linked. That’s why personal care at home services is something that seniors should have.

Personal Care at Home Rohnert Park CA - Daily Tasks for Seniors To Look And Feel Their Best

Personal Care at Home Rohnert Park CA – Daily Tasks for Seniors To Look And Feel Their Best

When your senior loved one starts showing signs of poor hygiene talk to them about personal care at home services. Don’t wait until their condition worsens. They may feel uncomfortable talking about their difficulty in taking care of themselves to you.

Seniors may need personal care at home aides in order to do these four things that will make them look better and feel better every day:

Washing Up

The simple act of washing their faces and hands and brushing their teeth in the morning can help seniors face the day with more alertness and with less anxiety. For many seniors who worked for decades getting up each morning, washing their face, and getting ready to go to work was their routine. So repeating this pattern as they get older serves as a signal to them that it’s time to be awake and alert. But seniors who may struggle to turn on a faucet or can no longer grip a toothbrush may need some help to get their day started on the right note.

Brushing And Styling Hair

Having unkempt, dirty, or tangled hair can make seniors feel bad about themselves, especially senior women. If your mom always took care of her hair and never wanted to be seen in public without her hair perfectly set not being able to do that for herself anymore could be very distressing. And if seniors can’t keep up appearances they may decide not to socialize or have visitors which can make depression worse and increase loneliness. With a little help and some styling products, along with some dry shampoo, your senior parent can have their hair looking great each morning.

Applying Moisturizer

Making sure that your senior loved one has moisturized skin is a health issue as well as a cosmetic issue. Seniors who have dry flaky skin are more likely to get infections that can become serious. And there are other health problems associated with dull dry skin also. Your senior loved one should be applying face cream and body lotion every single day to keep their skin healthy. If they can’t apply the cream by themselves personal care at home aides may be necessary to ensure that they are getting the skin care they need to look and feel healthy.

Getting Dressed

Getting dressed is another cue that seniors need to start the day. Everyone feels better when they are dressed and ready to face the day. But it can be difficult for seniors to button shirts or pants, put on socks, or get their shoes on. A care provider that has experience putting on compression stockings and other unique challenges that seniors face can help your senior parent get dressed and feel great each day.

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