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Personalized Senior Home Care and Concierge Services

We begin our relationship with a complementary in-home consultation. We will be there to build a strong, lasting relationship and give you and your family peace of mind. Finding, retaining and overseeing care for a family member is a demanding job. Choosing an agency that is CAHSAH Certified and has a proven track record and who provides care oversight, shifts the burden away from the family and places it in our expert and caring hands.

A.Y.S. Home Care is an Elder Care Provider in Sonoma County

Different from generic home care agencies, we operate under the guidance of a Registered Nurse, Lucy Andrews, who has worked in the home health care industry over 20 years and has been a nurse for almost 30 years. We are convinced this leads to better client management and to improved life quality for our clients. At Your Service Home Care evaluates our clients’ overall health, wellness, and needs and regularly communicates appropriate information to designated family and physicians, keeping even long distance family members informed.