Keep Your Loved One Moving For Their Health

Hi its Lucy Andrews, home care nurse and owner “At Your Service Home Care“. Today, we’re going to talk about something that is so important. What if I could tell you one thing that could help your loved one, stay at home longer, be safer and stronger? Well, that one thing is movement. I don’t mean running a marathon, I mean just getting up and doing some physical activity. There’s the newest research from the Journal of American Medical Association that was done in May 2014, that says that just a moderate amount of physical activity will help seniors really stay safe at home.

Now, what do we mean by moderate amount of activity. Well, its really not that much. It’s a couple of laps around the neighborhood, it’s one time around the track at the high school, or may be it’s even parking a little bit farther away from the store in the parking lot. Not a lot, but there is an incredible benefit to this. Every senior should be moving every single day.

If you start to see your loved one, your parents, your spouse, even a sibling, that is really slowing down that is not getting up and doing physical activity everyday, this is a huge red flag. So its really important that we help our loved ones get that physical activity, get up and out. Now, you can do this through encouragement. You can do it by going with them. But sometimes you might need help and that’s where a home care aid can really help. Somebody that can come in, get them motivated, get up and get out with them. Not only does it help to always exercise with a friend, somebody that’s there to cheer you on, but it also helps them stay safe.

That’s the one tip that I think we can all do. It’s the one thing that will help your loved one stay out of a hospital, stay out of emergency room. And if they do happen to go in for some other reason, it will help them recover faster, quicker, and they’ll be stronger. Get up and get moving, that’s the tip of the day. Signing off, its Lucy Andrews, At Your Service Home Care.