Keep Your Family History Alive For Generations

Hi it’s Lucy Andrews, At Your Service Homecare. Today I want to talk about keeping our family history alive, one of the things I know happens as we age, is we forget some of those fine details about our family’s history, incidents that happened when maybe our parents or grandparents were really young with their grandparents. A great way to keep that family history alive and engage both our children, maybe even our grandchildren and our parents, is to create a living history. It’s a very simple easy thing to do, and the best way to start it is by getting out the old photo albums. Sit down with your parent or loved one and just start asking questions about the pictures. So go back and say “Gosh, was that your uncle?” and then have them tell you a little story about that. The whole while video taping them.

Each of you will have a great history for the future and for the present to help you and them remember. And what a great gift for your own family, your own kids and grand kids, is the living family in you family. A legacy that all our parent would love to leave us and we hope to leave our children. This is a great opportunity to do it, it’s an easy, fun, fast way and you can get everybody in the family involved. Most importantly, you can get our memories engaged, who, what, where, when and why were we at that funny spot in that picture? All bring back memories, help us to keep those memories alive. Having a living family album is a great opportunity to do this. So get that video camera, get that photo album and you’re on your way. Lights, camera, action!

This is Lucy Andrews, At Your Service Homecare, signing off.