Steps To Take When Your Parent Refuses To Go To the Doctor

People refuse to go to their doctor for all kinds of reasons. They may be scared of what they will find out, they may not have the money to go, or they may not have a way to and from the doctor’s office. Some of these are easy solutions like hiring in-home care services to help a senior with rides or just giving your parent some money for checkups. Other times it’s not so easy and can be really hard convincing a senior to go to the doctor even when it’s good for them. This is something that not even in-home care providers can help with when a senior is not willing to go.

You love your elderly parent so much, but for some reason, they aren’t listening to you or your requests to take them to the doctor. You try and try, but nothing you say persuades your parent that whatever is going on in their mind or body is worth investigating.

So, here are some suggestions for what you or their in-home care providers can do if your elderly parents deny the necessary treatments to stay healthy.

Understand Their Side

In-Home Care Santa Rosa CA - Steps To Take When Your Parent Refuses To Go To the Doctor

In-Home Care Santa Rosa CA – Steps To Take When Your Parent Refuses To Go To the Doctor

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to step into your parent’s shoes. Understand why they may be refused treatment. If you can understand why they are feeling this way, it may help you develop ideas to encourage them to go. You can find out if it’s a money issue, a mobility issue, or something else. Be kind, patient, and understanding when dealing with your elderly loved one. This can be a frustrating situation when you’re worried, but it is important to remain calm.

Choose The Right Doctor

Not all doctors specialize in senior care. A Geriatrician is a primary care provider specializing in older persons and is adept in assisting older adults with complicated medical and mental health challenges that are increasingly frequent with age, such as dementia. Finding the right doctor can make a huge impact on whether or not a senior wants to go for regular checkups.

Change Your Approach

Sometimes when you mean well and your elderly parent is stubborn, it can be a frustrating situation, and you may become angry. This anger means you may not be approaching them about the situation correctly. When you approach in an angry, condescending, or accusing way, it can lead a senior to feel defensive and even more stubborn about a situation. You may need to switch your approach or ask someone else to talk to your mom or dad.

Take Them With Someone Else

Part of the problem may be that they do not understand the doctor, so they don’t believe paying attention or going regularly is crucial. This can be a problem but one that can be fixed if your senior is willing to go with someone else. They should be comfortable with the person who goes to the doctor with them. This should be a close friend or maybe another older family member or an in-home care aide. If they don’t want to go with you, don’t take it too personally, you are still their children after all.

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