National Immunization Awareness Month – What Vaccines Is Your Dad Missing?

Have you looked at your dad’s vaccination records to see if he’s missing anything? National Immunization Month is the perfect time to check things out and see if he’s due any immunizations. By 65, there are several vaccinations that your dad will have had throughout his life. Many others are recommended after a certain age. Here are the vaccinations your dad should have after he turns 65. An in-home care provider could provide transportation to a doctor’s visit for these shots.


In-Home Care Windsor CA - National Immunization Awareness Month – What Vaccines Is Your Dad Missing?

In-Home Care Windsor CA – National Immunization Awareness Month – What Vaccines Is Your Dad Missing?

The COVID vaccination is new and some people worry about getting it due to its infancy. It’s the best way to prevent severe symptoms if your dad contacts one of the strains of COVID. He should talk to his doctor about getting the vaccination or a booster if he hasn’t had at least once booster yet.

Flu Shot

Once a year, your dad should get his flu shot for the year. Ideally, he wants to get this in October to ensure the protection covers him during the peak months of flu season. He can get a flu shot at his doctor’s office or with a participating pharmacy. While the flu shot is not 100% effective, it lowers the risk of him developing severe symptoms that require hospitalization.


Your dad’s doctor may recommend he gets hepatitis vaccinations if he’s at risk. It’s important for him to ask his doctor to be tested and determine if he’s at risk or already has hepatitis.


When your dad turns 65, his doctor will recommend he get the pneumococcal vaccination. This vaccine helps protect against certain strains of bacteria that can cause meningitis, sepsis, and pneumonia.


If your dad had chickenpox as a child or adult, the virus that causes shingles is dormant in his bloodstream. It may randomly become active again. If this happens, a rash and nerve pain are common. The nerve pain can be severe and debilitating.

Your dad should get the two-part shingles vaccination to increase protection from the severe symptoms. He may end up with shingles anyway, but the protection the vaccine offers can lower the severity.


Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis is a vaccination that prevents complications from three diseases. Tetanus can cause lockjaw. Diphtheria causes a bacterial infection that makes it hard to breathe. Pertussis is better known as whooping cough. One booster every ten years is recommended.

If your dad has any chronic health conditions, such as cancer or kidney disease, his doctor may recommend some of these immunizations earlier in his life. He needs to see his doctor each year to make sure he’s not due a booster or newer vaccination.

With in-home care services available for your dad, he has someone to help him schedule appointments for boosters and any immunizations he’s missing. His caregiver can stay and help him if any of the side effects, such as arm pain or fever, happen. Call our in-home care specialist to book caregivers.

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