Celebrate Yourself on National Daughter’s Day

September 25th’s National Daughter’s Day celebrates girls. In some cultures, having a baby girl is not ideal. Boys are assumed superior, and the gender inequality that results is sad. Times are changing, which is why National Daughter’s Day was established. It’s not as bad in the U.S., but there are still issues with gender inequality. An AARP study of family caregivers found that 6 out of 10 family caregivers are women. Men are less likely to care for their aging parents. Of those family caregivers – the majority of them were born between 1965 and 1996. They’re not old enough to retire, so they often have to balance jobs with their duties as a caregiver or bring in in-home care services.

In-Home Care Petaluma CA – Celebrate Yourself on National Daughter’s Day

It’s time to celebrate yourself. Take time on National Daughter’s Day to care for yourself. Leave your parents’ care needs to one of your siblings or hire an in-home care aide and enjoy having a day to yourself. Here are some of the best ways to practice self-care.

Have a Pajama Day

Spend a day in your pajamas. If you live where restaurant delivery is possible, order your meals from a favorite restaurant. Stay in your pajamas all day. Watch movies or binge every episode of a show you’ve been excited to watch.

You might not want to spend the day watching movies and TV shows. That’s fine. Stay in your pajamas and read a book. Bake bread or get your freezer filled with the prepped ingredients needed for a few weeks of meals.

Take a Long Walk

It’s been ages since you had a day to yourself. You love taking walks in the local natural area. Do that! Walk the paths and carry a camera if you’re interested in photography. You might want to bring your dog for a half-day walk of the trails or go with your kids.

Head Out of Town

Have you been craving a long weekend at the beach? Rent a cottage, reserve a campsite, or book a hotel room and go to the beach. Bring your significant other and kids or go by yourself. You’ll have multiple days to spend walking along the shore or sitting in the sand with the books you haven’t had time to read.

If the beach isn’t appealing, you could book a mountain cabin, go into the city for a weekend of fine dining and shows, or stay in a resort and let others cater to your every need. Pick something you love to do and make the arrangements.

Bring in In-Home Care Providers

How do you make sure your mom and dad have the help they need when you’re focusing on yourself? Talk to an in-home care expert about the benefits of caregivers. With in-home care services, your parents are never left alone, but you’re not the only one helping them with daily activities. Call a home care agency to schedule services.

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Emily Sloma