When you look at all ages, World Health Organization estimates that 466 million people around the world suffer from hearing loss. Children make up a small percentage of this. Adults account for 432 million of those cases.

Homecare Sonoma CA - Homecare Services Help Support Hearing Loss in Older Adults

Homecare Sonoma CA – Homecare Services Help Support Hearing Loss in Older Adults

As your parents get older, the odds of hearing loss increase. The sensory cells that help with hearing age and become less effective. For some, the level of loss is minor and doesn’t affect too much. For others, hearing loss makes some daily activities challenging.

Studies find that older adults with poor vision and hearing loss are more likely to become victims of financial fraud. Studies have also found that hearing loss can increase the fall risk, and it makes socialization more difficult.

If an older adult cannot hear well when in a group or gathering, withdrawing from social activities is likely. That can lead to isolation and loneliness. Homecare services are one way to make sure none of those risks occur.

Caregivers Join Your Mom or Dad on Walks

Hearing loss can lead to a fall in some situations. If your parent cannot hear someone yell a warning, your parent may not miss a sudden obstacle like a child on a bike that can’t stop or a dog that’s just broken its leash. Caregivers can hear the warnings and alert your parent.

Homecare Aides Provide Companionship

When you hire homecare for your mom or dad, they have caregivers around for socialization. Even when hearing loss is an issue, one-on-one socialization is easier to manage. There’s less background noise to make it hard to understand what’s being said.

Caregivers Can Answer the Door or Phone and Go Over Emails Together

Scammers who call on the phone or come to a door may not be heard clearly by your parent, but a caregiver can hear everything and take proactive steps. A caregiver can also be available to help your mom or dad read emails and decide what should be reported as spam and deleted and what is a valid email.

Homecare Providers Can Drive Your Parent When Needed

Driving with hearing loss may not be an issue. If the level of hearing loss is severe, your mom or dad shouldn’t drive. Homecare aides can drive your parent to stores, medical offices, friends’ houses, and senior centers. You don’t have to worry about your parent being behind the wheel and not hearing a train, an emergency vehicle, or another car.

Hire caregivers by going over a list of possible homecare services with your parents. See what they think would help them most around the home. Once you have some ideas, call our homecare agency to learn more about schedules and prices.

Source:  https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/deafness-and-hearing-loss

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