After your elderly family member talks with her doctor about increasing her activity level, there are some other things she needs to incorporate into her plan. These ideas will help her to stay as safe as possible while she gradually becomes more active again.

Homecare Sebastopol CA - What Does Your Senior Need to Do to Be More Active?

Homecare Sebastopol CA – What Does Your Senior Need to Do to Be More Active?

Follow Some General Safety Tips

There are general safety tips that your senior should be following anyway, like making sure that she’s stable before getting up from a seated position or using handrails whenever one is available. These general safety tips are important all the time, no matter what else your elderly family member is doing. The last thing she needs to do is to forget those basics whiles he’s trying to become more active.

Get the Right Gear

The key to any successful exercise program is having the right gear. If your elderly family member is planning to do yoga, she needs a mat and some yoga blocks, a strap, and a blanket or towel. These items help her to safely modify yoga poses to her own abilities and needs so that she can enjoy yoga safely. Whatever she’s doing, she needs to gear up properly.

Prioritize Getting Rest

Rest is the flip side of the activity coin. As your elderly family member becomes more active on a regular basis, rest becomes both easier and more necessary. If your elderly family member doesn’t sleep as much as she needs to, her brain and her body aren’t able to recover as quickly or as well as they need to in order to keep her going. Getting enough rest will help her to keep doing what she wants to do.

Consider a Medication Review

One of the things that you might want to do while you’re talking to your senior’s doctor about whether she should be more active is to request a medication review. The medications your elderly family member takes have side effects, and some of those side effects can include dizziness or other issues that can leave her a little less safe while exercising. If her medications need adjusting, now might be the time.

Stay up to Date with Vision and Hearing Exams

Your elderly family member’s vision and hearing are really important to her ability to stay active. If she’s unable to see well, she might lose her balance or run into something, and both can lead to a fall. Hearing issues can sometimes affect her balance, which also could result in injury. Keeping up with hearing and vision tests can help your senior to know about issues with either sense before they affect her in other ways.

Another way to help your senior to be as safe as possible while being more active is to bring in homecare providers. Homecare aides can assist her with mobility, companionship, or even conserving her energy in some ways so that she’s able to keep being active in other ways.

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