One of the best ways for your elderly family member to manage COPD is to conserve her energy. But what are the best ways for her to do that? There’s a lot that goes into that process, honestly.

Homecare Oakmont CA - Conserving Energy with COPD

Homecare Oakmont CA – Conserving Energy with COPD

Get Familiar with Your Senior’s Breathing Triggers

When you’re familiar with your senior’s breathing triggers, it’s a lot easier to help her to avoid situations that are going to immediately sap her energy. Things like smoke, from cooking or from other sources like candles, can take a lot out of your elderly family member. By avoiding cooking things that create a lot of smoke or lighting candles, that’s going to help her to breathe easier and therefore expend less energy trying to breathe.

Help Her to Manage Stress

Stress and anxiety are also big problems for someone with COPD. Both can cause your elderly family member to start to breathe much more shallowly, which can create a situation in which she’s not getting enough oxygen into her system. When her stress levels are lower and when she’s managing her stress more efficiently, she’s less likely to run into that issue.

Learn Your Senior’s Limits

Everyone has their limits, especially a senior who has COPD. When both you and your elderly family member have a better understanding of her limits, you can help her to stop before she has pushed herself too far. This is true with exercise and it’s true with activities she enjoys every day. The more that your elderly family member respects her own limits, the easier it will be for her to avoid pushing herself too far.

Outsource More of the Routine Daily Tasks on Her Plate

The long and short of it is that your senior can’t keep doing it all if she has COPD. There comes a point when she has to pick and choose the activities that she’ll handle herself and which ones she’ll outsource. Leaving some things up to homecare providers is a great way to do just that, because that frees up your senior’s energy to be spent in the best ways for her personally.

Part of your job as your senior’s caregiver is to figure out how to help her to manage her energy in the best ways for her own needs. When she can conserve energy by eliminating unnecessary tasks or by handing them over to someone else, that allows her to be a lot pickier about how she spends her personal energy.

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