Homecare Steps in When You Go to Work

The weeks have flown by. You might have taken a leave of absence to be there for your elderly mother or father, some other senior in your life. Now, though, you have to return to work. This senior still needs care, and even if you live in the same town, a block over, or at least within a reasonable distance, you will need help. That senior will need support which can be received from homecare..

Homecare Rohnert Park CA - Homecare Steps in When You Go to Work

Homecare Rohnert Park CA – Homecare Steps in When You Go to Work

When you have to return to work, everything will change. You may have trouble focusing on your work, constantly wondering if the senior is okay, if he or she has slipped and fallen and needs help, or if you forgot to do something the previous visit.

It’s going to be difficult for you to settle back into work, especially knowing the senior still needs care, though you can’t be there 24 hours a day right now.

Homecare is a solution.

There are many different types of care available to aging men and women. The most common and popular include homecare. There’s also assisted living, independent living environments, and nursing homes.

Whatever happened that brought you into the caregiving world, things may or may not improve. The senior may or may not be expected to make a full or significant recovery.

In the meantime, you still need to return to your own life. That means you have to return to work now. Homecare is going to be the best option for this aging family member if he or she wants to remain at home.

What if the senior is going to move in with you?

Maybe this elderly person has already moved in with you, but if not, that might be a discussion you have already had. Your elderly mother may be planning to move in with you, taking over one of your kid’s rooms (who is all grown up and out on their own).

That can be fine, but what is your mother going to do while you’re at work? Will she be able to tend to her own basic care alone? This may be a problem that keeps you up at night.

Homecare is the solution. You can hire a homecare aide to be there with your elderly mother or other loved one while you return to work. This aide can support your aging family member with all the things you have been helping out with these past weeks or months.

What does homecare do to support seniors?

They can help with bathing, toileting, and other intimate matters, even those that may have been uncomfortable for either you or the senior. They can assist with meal preparation, light housekeeping, doing the laundry, and going shopping.

Some providers can offer transportation to bring them to a doctor’s follow-up appointment, the pharmacy, and so forth.

You see, when you have to return to work, there is somebody who can help you, even though you haven’t found anyone in your network of family or other friends.

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Emily Sloma