Everyone responds to pain in a different way. If you are caring for an elderly loved one, you should know that the pain they are experiencing may be causing a huge decline in their quality of life. Many people are put on prescription pain medications to treat their pain. However, those medications can easily lead to addiction. The good news is there are some alternatives to prescription pain medications for the elderly. These may be much safer for them to take, rather than being on prescription pain medications.

Home Health Care Oakmont CA - Alternatives to Prescription Pain Medications for the Elderly

Home Health Care Oakmont CA – Alternatives to Prescription Pain Medications for the Elderly

Different Types of Therapy

There are different types of therapy that may help your elderly loved one to better manage their pain. Both physical therapy and massage therapy have shown to be effective in pain management. If you think that your loved one might benefit from these types of therapy, talk to their doctor right away. The doctor can refer them over to a physical therapist or massage therapist.


Another alternative to prescription pain medications for the elderly is acupuncture. As long as the correct acupuncture locations are used, pain can be treated through this method. While many people are unsure of the benefits of acupuncture, many others have benefited greatly from this type of treatment.

Stretching Exercises

Another way for your elderly loved one to manage their pain is through various types of stretching exercises. They can do tai chi, yoga, or other stretching exercises. By stretching out the body, the muscles loosen up. Loosened muscles generally lead to less tension throughout the body, easing the pain level that your loved one is experiencing. You or your loved one’s home health care providers can help them to stretch daily.

Breathing Exercises

There are many breathing exercises that can also help to reduce pain levels. Deep breathing has helped many elderly loved ones and others reduce their pain. By breathing in, the person is bringing in more oxygen to their muscle tissues, body, and brain. This increased oxygen helps to loosen up the body and relieve tension.

TENS Machine

TENS machines have been prescribed to many people who are looking for alternatives to prescription pain medications. If your elderly loved one has never tried a TENS machine before or they have and it has worked, this may be an option for them now, as well.

These are some of the alternatives to prescription pain medications for the elderly. Talk to your loved one and their doctor about these alternatives. See what can be done to find the best options for your elderly loved one.

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