Home Health Care Is About MORE Than Assistance at Home

There are numerous misunderstandings and misconceptions about home health care services. Just as with many other types of senior care options, people generally don’t pay much attention to these factors until someone they love requires them.

Home Health Care Santa Rosa CA - Home Health Care Is About MORE Than Assistance at Home

Home Health Care Santa Rosa CA – Home Health Care Is About MORE Than Assistance at Home

The terms ‘home care’ and ‘home health care’ are often used interchangeably, especially on the Internet, but they refer to significantly different factors.

For the most part, home care can encapsulate just about every type of in-home care support service an elderly or disabled person might require. This can include visiting nurses, physical therapy, and other supports, but mostly it tends to refer to physical assistance.

A home care aide is a person who will support an aging or disabled client with mobility, light housekeeping, preparing meals, and possibly transportation services, among other things. A home care aide is most often not a registered or certified nurse and cannot legally administer any type of medication or provide medical support or assistance.

That’s where home health care comes in.

A home health care provider is most often a visiting nurse. This is a registered, licensed, or certified nurse or nursing assistant who can perform some or more direct medical tasks for his or her client.

Most commonly, a visiting nurse may administer medications, change an IV, and check vital stats. They can relay that information to the patient’s doctor for proper monitoring remotely.

In today’s environment, telehealth is becoming more popular than ever. This idea that an aging person can actually remain home while receiving direct medical attention without having to travel to their doctor or spend a long time in a nursing home or hospital setting is highly beneficial and appealing.

That can only be possible with the support of home health care providers. When people have a tendency to assume a home health care aide is just a home care provider and not any type of medical professional, it may limit what family and other loved ones may assume is possible for an aging individual dealing with increasing health challenges.

A more comfortable and cost saving environment.

Home is far more appealing and comfortable for most people than a facility. Whether a person has to recover following major surgery, a health emergency like a heart attack or stroke, injuries sustained in an accident, or something else, if given a choice most people would likely choose to remain home.

That is possible thanks to the support and effort of home health care providers, and more acutely visiting nurses.

Home care aides are invaluable for millions of aging and disabled adults, and home health care nurses are a critical component in helping people live healthy lives where they wish.

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