With cancer being one of the most difficult illnesses to battle for patients of any age, it can be most helpful in the elderly to have early detection of cancer. If cancer is found early, well ahead of serious symptoms, it is more likely to be treated safely. With the many harmful side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments, some of the more advanced options can provide comfortable treatment.

Home Health Care Healdsburg CA - Benefits of Early Cancer Detection in the Elderly

Home Health Care Healdsburg CA – Benefits of Early Cancer Detection in the Elderly

The 5 Most Common Cancers in the Elderly

There are some common cancers that are most likely to affect the health of the elderly. These are most often: breast, stomach, prostate, colon, and lung cancer.

While there are a number of standard symptoms that may come on after cancer has already set in, there are also many different causes that could possibly prevent or at least minimize the risk of these cancers from your loved one’s earlier years.

Therefore, many different situations could be considered in order to help prevent the onset and danger of cancer for those in need of home heath care.

For some of these cancers, these causes and risks include:

Lung cancer is caused by smoking or being exposed to tobacco smoke, long-term exposure to asbestos, or a genetic predisposition to lung cancer.

Colon cancer is caused by age, poor diet, Type 2 Diabetes, genetics or family history, and Crohn’s Disease.

Stomach cancer becomes a great risk due to genetics, family history, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and a diet with too much meat, processed, or salty foods.

Breast cancer has the tendency to come from genetics, family history, high estrogen levels, high alcohol use, and obesity.

Prostate cancer is typically a risk, most frequent in African American males over the age of 50 along with those who have diets high in meat in dairy.

The Earliest Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

Early symptoms could cause things like simple discomfort, nausea, fatigue, or other localized health problems that could bring up the warning signs of cancer or other serious illnesses. While some of the most common types of cancer are breast, colon, lung, and stomach through people of many ages, the potential for treatment is much more difficult as they enter senior years. Quite often, if the earliest warning signs have not been taken to the family physician then it is most likely that several years will pass, allowing malignant cancer cells to spread into other parts of the body.

Benefits of the Early Detection of Cancer

It is important to detect cancer early at any stage in life, but for seniors even more so. This could be more so because they have weakened immune systems, making it harder for them to handle cancer treatment as well as others. At this point, there is much to gain for home health care for your loved ones who may have some of these early symptoms while either you or they are also aware of earlier causes and risks of potential cancers that could affect their long-term health.

With the many dangers that tend to come with cancer treatment, it is helpful to have these treatments started before cancer begins to spread and even more so if the more advanced treatments that have been released in recent years, such as laser technology and others, can be used. This minimizes damages to cells around the location of cancer treatment.

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