Ways to Help Your Senior to Be as Happy and Healthy as Possible

As your senior’s family caregiver, your biggest goal is likely to just see your senior living a life that is full, happy, and safe. That can mean different things to different people, so it’s important to take into consideration your elderly family member’s current situation and how her health impacts the decisions you’re making together. Hiring home care providers can help to fill in when you are not available.

Help Her to Eat Healthy Meals

Home Care Petaluma CA - Ways to Help Your Senior to Be as Happy and Healthy as Possible

Home Care Petaluma CA – Ways to Help Your Senior to Be as Happy and Healthy as Possible

A healthy diet is a cornerstone to helping your senior to live the best life that she can at this stage. It’s not easy to put in the time and energy to cooking, however, which means you might want to streamline things and make life easier. Home care providers can take over the actual meal preparation for her, helping her to enjoy healthy foods regularly without worrying about how to make that happen.

Support Her Independence

Finding ways to support your senior’s independence can mean helping her to understand that assistance does not take away from her ability to do things for herself. Home care providers are able to make life easier for your senior, including ensuring that she’s got help with tasks that are more difficult for her. Saving that energy allows your senior to expend energy in other ways, which makes more sense for having a happy life.

Work Out a Daily Schedule

You might think that having an open schedule with lots of free time is the basis of a happy life, and you’re not totally wrong. But having no schedule can sometimes mean that your senior’s daily activities get shuffled around, sometimes happening way later than ideal. Having a late wakeup time due to late bedtimes can mean that medication schedules and sleep patterns get thrown way off, for instance. Having a loose schedule that works for her can be incredibly helpful.

Find Ways to Ensure She Can Engage in Hobbies

Hobbies and activities that your senior loves are a great way to keep her brain engaged and to make sure that her days are full of what makes her happy. If your senior doesn’t have any hobbies, there is so much that she can try. Starting out with trying things to see if she’ll like them is a great way to begin.

Check-in Regularly about What’s Working and What Isn’t

Set aside time to talk with your senior about what you see that is working and what isn’t. She may have some different takes on what’s happening that can help you to understand more about what she needs. Help from home care providers is incredibly flexible and gives your senior a chance to have exactly the assistance that she needs when she needs it the most, so you can consistently tailor everything to what helps her appropriately.

Keep up with your senior’s medical appointments, too. So many health issues may not have serious symptoms until the health issue itself becomes unavoidable. Getting a handle on what’s going on well before that time can be helpful in making sure everything else is working toward your senior’s best life.

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