Ways Seniors Can Reduce The Risk Of Stroke

Even though strokes can happen to anyone at any age seniors have a higher risk for strokes than other groups. Nationwide about 75% of the strokes that occur each year happen to seniors. Age, medication, lifestyle, and other factors can increase a senior’s risk of having a stroke. Most strokes are survivable, but the damage to the body that a stroke can cause like paralysis can mean a long recovery for seniors. Having home care services can get them on track with their recovery process.

Home Care Rohnert Park CA - Ways Seniors Can Reduce The Risk Of Stroke

Home Care Rohnert Park CA – Ways Seniors Can Reduce The Risk Of Stroke

Your senior loved one may be at a higher risk of stroke if they are overweight, sedentary, don’t eat a healthy diet, or take certain medications can increase a person’s risk of stroke. Making lifestyle changes and doing these four things can lower your senior parent’s risk of having a stroke.


Regular exercise is one of the best lifestyle changes that a senior can make. If you have a senior parent that doesn’t like to exercise a home care provider can be a great exercise companion and encourage your loved one to go for walks, ride bikes, play golf, or get outside and do other activities. A home care provider can also help your senior loved one do workouts at home that are geared towards the physical ability of seniors. No matter what the exercise is getting at least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week will make your senior parent healthier by helping them lose weight, lowering their risk of stroke and heart attack, and building muscle that will help them stay strong as they get older.

Stop Smoking

Seniors shouldn’t smoke. There are so many health problems associated with smoking that continuing to smoke as they age could shorten a senior’s life. Smoking also can contribute to the development of blood clots which can cause strokes. Sometimes seniors are reluctant to quit smoking if they have been smoking most of their lives but there are plenty of programs and medications that can help seniors that want to quit smoking.

Focus On Heart Health

Heart health is directly related to stroke risk. Seniors should be taking a holistic approach to heart health that combines activity, getting enough sleep, controlling stress, and making sure that they are eating healthy foods. Lowering blood pressure and making heart health a priority will help seniors lower their risk of experiencing a stroke.

Eat Healthier

Healthy eating is important at any age but it’s essential for seniors. Seniors that have a hard time exercising can control their weight by making sure they are eating healthy foods which will reduce their risk of stroke. Eating a diet rich in heart healthy greens like kale and lean protein like chicken will also help seniors lower their risk of having a stroke.

Having Home Care Services can Help Motivate Your Senior

If you’re worried that your senior loved one has a high risk for strokes because they are overweight, or smoke, or don’t get much activity talk with a home care provider about how the two of you can work as a team to motivate your senior loved one to make healthy changes.

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