Home Care Services Can be the Answer to Parents Needs

Once you realize as a family caregiver how much help home care services can offer, it might feel like a no brainer. At least until you hear your senior tell you that she’s not on board with your plan to hire care providers. So, what can you do? Are there any options? You might have some, but it still depends.

Get to the Root of the Problem

Home Care Services Sebastopol CA - Home Care Services Can be the Answer to Parents Needs

Home Care Services Sebastopol CA – Home Care Services Can be the Answer to Parents Needs

There are a lot of reasons why older adults are unhappy to accept help from a caregiver. Your senior may feel as if she’s just fine on her own, that she doesn’t want to be a burden, or that she’s going to lose her hard-won independence. Regardless of why she doesn’t want help from a caregiver you have to understand her reasoning. Until you do, you’re not going to get very far.

Cut a Deal with Her

At some point, you may have to just cut a deal with your senior. That might mean that she gets final say on which caregivers she works with and which she tells goodbye. Or it might mean that you set a “trial” timeframe on having a home care services aide, and if your senior truly hates it, that’s it. This means that both of you are making a compromise, and that can be an important tool.

Play up the Positive Benefits of Home Care Services

Does your senior have one idea about what’s going to happen while you have another idea entirely? Make sure you’re on the same page. Talk to her about tasks that are becoming too difficult for her to handle on her own. Talk to her about tasks she hates doing. Talk to her about conservation of energy and companionship. All of these are positive benefits of home care services that she can enjoy from the first moment.

Respect Her Choice if She Holds Firm

One situation you need to make sure you’re prepared to handle is the one in which your senior sticks with her original answer. If she’s giving you a hard no all the way around, you may have to respect that. This can make caring for her more complicated for you, of course, but until you convince her to get on board with the idea she may still completely resist having help from a caregiver.

Another option to consider is to talk to your senior’s doctor about what’s happening. Her doctor may have more pull with her than you do, especially in terms of benefits to her health.

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Emily Sloma