Hip fractures and other types of fractures are very common among the elderly population. There are numerous reasons for this. Some of these include reduced bone density, less strength, balance issues, and more. It is important to know that fractures can cause hip replacements, knee replacements, and even mortality in some elderly people. These are just some of the reasons why you need to motivate your elderly loved one. They should be making lifestyle choices that help to prevent fractures.

Strength and Bone Density Improving Exercises

Home Care Services Windsor CA - How Can You Help Your Elderly Loved One Prevent Fractures

Home Care Services Windsor CA – How Can You Help Your Elderly Loved One Prevent Fractures

As an elderly person, your loved one needs to do exercises that will improve their strength and bone density. The best way to do this is by incorporating both weight-bearing exercises (dancing, walking, etc.) with resistance training (water exercises) and flexibility exercises (tai chi and yoga). If your elderly loved one, with the help of their home care services provider, can combine these different types of exercises, it can help to improve their balance, bone density, and strength.

Medication Checks

Another way that you can help your elderly loved one to prevent fractures is by checking on their medications. There are certain medications that might cause your elderly loved one to become drowsy or dizzy. If your elderly loved one is taking these medications, they can increase their risk of falling and fracturing their bones. If these symptoms arise in your elderly loved one, you or their home care provider should take them to see the doctor. There might be other medications that could be a substitute to reduce these symptoms.

Stop Smoking and Quit Drinking

If your elderly loved one is a smoker, this could cause them to have reduced bone density. With this being said, it is best if your elderly loved one could quit smoking. They might need some help from tobacco cessation products. If your elderly loved one is a drinker, they should at least try to limit the amount of alcohol they consume. Alcohol doesn’t necessarily contribute to reduced bone density as smoking does. However, people who consume alcohol are more likely to fall and get seriously hurt.

Eating Healthier Food

If your elderly loved one can add more calcium and vitamin D to their diet, this can help to reduce the risk for bone loss. By improving their bone density, there is less of a chance that they will fracture a bone, even if they do have a fall.

These are some of the ways that you can help your elderly loved one to prevent fractures. There are so many senior citizens that fall and get a fracture every year. Don’t let your elderly loved one be one of them.

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