Medication management is one of the most important services you can arrange for your parents. Around 450,000 ER visits were due to elderly men and women overdosing or having adverse reactions to medications. The CDC reports that the elderly are seven times more likely to have an adverse drug event.

With medication management, some of those events can be prevented. It won’t stop them all, but it will stop some of the more common issues.

Preventing Overdoses

Home Care Services Sonoma CA - Are You Ignoring the Importance of Medication Management?

Home Care Services Sonoma CA – Are You Ignoring the Importance of Medication Management?

Are your parents taking their medications correctly? Does your mom get up, take her medications while she’s still waking up, take a shower, get her coffee, and suddenly not remember if she’s taken her pills? If she takes another dose because she can’t remember, it could be dangerous.

She may have an easier time if weekly pill dispensers are set up for her. She gets up, sees it’s Monday on the calendar, and takes her Monday pills. Later, she can’t remember, so she looks at her pill dispenser. Monday’s section is empty, so she knows she’s taken them.

This system will work well unless she is in the early stages of dementia. She may take the wrong day or decide Monday was never filled and take more pills.

Skipping Dosages

Just as too many pills can be dangerous, skipping dosages of some medications is also going to cause problems. Your dad thinks he took his heart medications, so he skips them. He never did take them and now he’s having issues.

Again a pill organizer may help, but only if he remembers to fill it regularly. If he’s forgotten to fill them for the week and sees the empty slot, he may think he’s already taken them.


Running out of medications is never helpful. If your parents often forget to order refills and end up with a gap of several days before the refill is ready, it’s a problem.

Someone needs to make sure that refills are arranged before your mom and dad run out of their pills. Home care services aides are a good way to make sure refills are arranged and picked up on a timely basis.

Home care services aides can stop by each day, help with meals and housework and remind your dad or mom to take necessary medications. The caregivers can stay with your parents until any side effects pass. If someone does happen, there’s a caregiver there to seek medical attention.

Call our home care services agency to discuss medication management services. Caregivers cannot physically put the pills in your parents’ mouths, but they can make sure they’ve been taken and let you know for peace of mind.


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