5 Fun Ideas for Seniors During Social Distancing

Being confined to the house because of the social distancing orders in place during the coronavirus pandemic can get pretty boring some days. This is especially true for people who live alone, like many older adults. If your aging relative is on their own and could use something to do while social distancing, here are 5 fun things that a home care services provider can do with them.

Home Care Services Healdsburg CA - 5 Fun Ideas for Seniors During Social Distancing

Home Care Services Healdsburg CA – 5 Fun Ideas for Seniors During Social Distancing

#1: Make Cards for Friends and Family

Everyone is feeling a little lonely and cut off from the world these days. While many are using technology to connect with others, there’s still something about receiving a card that says someone is thinking about you and cares. Your older family member can spread joy to their friends and family using handmade cards. The cards can be fancy or just something simple. They’ll still say that someone cares. A home care services provider can help older adults to gather supplies, cut shapes out, and write notes.

#2: Read New Books or Old Favorites

If your older family member once loved to read but doesn’t read as often as they used to because of poor eyesight, social distancing is the right time to take up the habit again. A home care services provider can read books to the older adult, helping them to order new ones on the Internet or choosing old favorites from the bookshelf. They can also help the senior to use the local library’s online resources to read ebooks or listen to an audiobook.

#3: Research Family History

There are lots of online resources that seniors can use to research their family history. A home care services provider can help them to use technology to find the information they need. Many libraries offer free access to websites and apps used for genealogical research. A home care services provider can assist with setting up the older adult’s access to such resources.

#4: Play Board Games

Board games are an excellent way to pass the time. There are a multitude of games to choose from and new ones coming out every day. There’s also nothing wrong with pulling out some old favorites, like Scrabble or Monopoly. Home care services providers can challenge your aging relative to a game as often as the senior is up to it.

#5: Take a Walk

Although people are being advised to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak, it is still okay for older adults to go out for a walk as long as they maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others. A home care services provider can go for walks with the senior, making sure they don’t stumble and fall or get too close to others.

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Emily Sloma