Research shows that having a pet benefits seniors in many ways.

Reducing feelings of loneliness may seem obvious, but there are also many other health benefits, including:

Home Care Novato CA - 5 Ways Home Care can Help a Senior Keep a Pet

Home Care Novato CA – 5 Ways Home Care can Help a Senior Keep a Pet

  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Less stress
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Improved physical fitness
  • Increased happiness

However, it can get harder to take care of a pet as more challenges of aging set in. It isn’t fair to the animal to neglect its needs. If it gets to the point where an elderly individual can’t take care of the animal properly, what can be done? Seniors may believe they have no choice but to make the heart wrenching decision to rehome their beloved companion… but there is another option. Home care services can enable a senior to continue to keep their precious pet.

Here are five common ways home care can enable seniors to continue caring for a pet.


Food and water are two of an animal’s most basic needs. Mobility challenges, memory issues or other conditions can make it hard for a senior to keep up with this important task.

Whether they come by daily to feed the dog, or fill the cat food and water dispensers weekly, home care aides can make sure pets have food and fresh water available on an individualized schedule.

Cleaning Up

Cleaning up after an animal is an important part of its care – not only for the animal’s own sake, but also the health of the senior and the sanitation of the living quarters.

Changing a cat litter box or picking up after a dog can be unpleasant, uncomfortable or downright unsafe for many older adults.

Luckily, home care aides can be scheduled to come in and tend to these types of tasks routinely.


Walking a dog regularly is important for its health.

Depending on the situation, a senior might prefer to stay home while the home care aide walks the dog. However, the senior may well enjoy going along, confident that the aide can handle the dog.


Shopping for food, treats and toys for a pet is an important part of taking care of it. However, shopping can present challenges on several fronts for seniors – from transportation itself, to carrying the grocery bags in from the car.

Happily, home care aides are able to help out here as well. Whether running to the pet mart on the senior’s behalf, or taking them along for an enjoyable outing, home care can help overcome this pet care obstacle.


Taking care of a pet means visiting the vet every so often.

If trips to the vet, groomer, dog park or other locale are on the calendar, home care aides can help ease the burden of these errands by driving, and helping transport the pet if needed.

Home Care can Help Seniors Care for their Pets so they can Stay Together

Many seniors find that their pet is an incredibly important part of their life. The research shows significant benefits to their physical and mental health and well-being and the constant companionship is priceless.

It’s good to know that there is a viable option to support seniors and their faithful furry – or feathery – friends.


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