Get Your Elderly Parent Moving with These Tips

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As your aging parent gets older, they will not have the mobility, flexibility, and balance they once had in their younger days. This lack of fitness could cause the elder to easily fall, possibly breaking or fracturing a hip. Although your loved one can’t move like they once could, they can slow down the aging process by squeezing more exercise into their day.

Getting the motivation to get fit is not easy, especially if your loved one lacks energy. However, with these tips and the support and encouragement of a home care provider, your loved one will be up and moving in no time.

  • Become social. By joining a social club or organization, your parent may become more motivated to exercise. This is especially true if the people in the club are staying physically active. Search for a fitness group in the senior’s local community center, senior center, or hospital.
  • Join a class. With the motivation of the instructor and other fellow exercisers, the elder will be more likely to follow in their fit footsteps. There are a wide range of classes that are catered towards older adults, including swimming, walking, aerobics, and dancing.
  • Talk to the doctor. If the elder refuses to start exercising, perhaps talking to their doctor may be the push they need to start. Their physician can explain to them the benefits to participating in physical activities, while also recommending some workouts they may enjoy. A physical therapist can also be used to provide a more customized workout program that will cater to your loved one’s needs and abilities.
  • Go for a walk. Walking is a simple way to stay fit and get some fresh air. Not to mention it can be done for free. Go for a walk with your loved one in order to keep them company. If you have been thinking about getting the elder a dog, this animal also makes the perfect walking buddy for older adults.

Once your elderly parent finds a workout they enjoy, they will not even realize they are getting fit. However, keep in mind that before beginning any exercise program, you need to run it by the elder’s doctor. If your loved one has a medical condition, there may be certain physical limitations to what they are able to do. If they do get the approval of their physician, try out these tips in order to prolong the senior’s life and keep them healthy for years to come.

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