Will Exercise Help Your Senior Manage Diabetes?

You’re not alone if you’re having trouble controlling your blood sugar. Diabetes or prediabetes affects tons of Americans. Although this is a severe illness, the good news is that there are strategies to treat it. To begin with, it should go without saying that you should always follow your doctor’s instructions. Aside from that, there are various things you may take to control your diabetes. Regular exercise is one of the most vital. Having home care assistance providers available can help you follow through with a plan.

Home Care Assistance Sebastopol CA - Will Exercise Help Your Senior Manage Diabetes

Home Care Assistance Sebastopol CA – Will Exercise Help Your Senior Manage Diabetes

Seniors may need help when it comes to sticking to a routine and even friendly reminders to check their blood sugar regularly. This is something that professional home care assistance aides can help with, especially if your senior is living independently. Home care assistance won’t hinder your senior, but it will help ensure your elderly loved one is independent for much longer. Having someone at home to help remind a senior about daily walks or even to drive them to the gym a few times a week may help them in more than one way.

Here is why exercise is so important when it comes to diabetes.

Cardio or Aerobic Exercise Can Help Lower Blood Glucose Levels

Having diabetes or prediabetes indicates that your body is either resistant to insulin or unable to use the insulin it produces. The end consequence is elevated glucose levels in the blood, which is terrible for your health. Your doctor has probably previously recommended exercise for you, and this recommendation has solid scientific support.

Exercising Tips for Seniors

If you have diabetes and want to see the health advantages of exercise, you need to stick with your routine. Creating and maintaining a new routine is challenging. However, if you have the appropriate mental attitude to exercise, you’ll be more likely to keep at it.

Find a workout buddy and do something you love. Your accountability partner might be someone you work out with regularly or someone you ask to check in with you every day to make sure you’re still on track to reach your fitness goal. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box while trying to choose a kind of physical activity that you will love. Get your heart rate up with dance or water aerobics if brisk walking or cycling isn’t your thing. Swimming, jogging, rowing, tennis, and the elliptical are other significant forms of aerobic exercise. Get your doctor’s advice on how to create an appropriate fitness plan.

Finally, if you have just started an exercise regimen, it is extremely important to use your glucose meter before and after your workouts. Just stay within the limits of safety.

Exercise Helps Manage Other Diseases Other Than Diabetes

The benefits of exercise extend well beyond the control of diabetes; you didn’t learn this from us, of course. Diabetes is only one of several health problems that may be avoided or better managed with regular exercise. Check out some extra positive health effects:

  • Helps Manage Weight– Exercising may aid weight loss by causing you to burn calories. Exercise-induced weight loss also provides rest for the pancreas, improving its capacity to secrete insulin.
  • It’s a Mood Booster– Endorphins are feel-good chemicals in the brain. High and low blood glucose levels are linked to mood fluctuations in people with diabetes, although regular exercise may help alleviate these symptoms.
  • Manages Stress Levels-Exercising produces endorphins, which reduce tension. Diabetes prevents diabetic bodies from producing insulin.

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