Ways to Overcome Family Caregiver Burnout

Did you know that 36% of unpaid caregivers report feeling high levels of emotional stress? Another 28% report feeling moderate levels of stress. More importantly, 21% of caregivers feel alone. All of this can lead to burnout. When you’re a family caregiver, you have to take care of your physical health. But, your mental health is equally important. Hiring home care assistance providers can lighten your load.

Make sure you’re taking steps to avoid caregiver burnout using these tips.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Home Care Assistance Windsor CA - Ways to Overcome Family Caregiver Burnout

Home Care Assistance Windsor CA – Ways to Overcome Family Caregiver Burnout

It’s okay to say no. As a family caregiver, saying no is one of the hardest things to do, but it’s also the most important.

You have a busy day taking your mom to her doctor, picking up her prescription refills, and being back in time for the plumber to come to fix a leak. Your sister calls and asks if you can stop by and let out her dog. Explain to her that you don’t have time to fit that in too. If she’s upset, that’s on her.

Talk to a Therapist

Schedule time with a therapist. It helps to have a neutral party to listen to your concerns. A therapist can help you find ways to manage your stress and frustration in healthy ways.

If you can’t leave the house, it doesn’t matter. Many therapists offer online and phone sessions now. Set your parents up with their favorite movie while you go online to chat or call your therapist.

Leave Time for Favorite Activities

You used to love baking, but you haven’t had time recently. It’s time to fit your favorite hobbies into your life.

There are two ways to approach this. First, you could get your parents involved. You could have them help you find ingredients and adding them to a mixer or bowl. Second, you could make sure they’re engaged in something they enjoy when you’re baking.

While you knead the dough, your mom could be working on her puzzle. Your dad could be watching his favorite news show. Just make sure you’re spending time doing things you love, too.

Make Sure You Remain Social

Social activities are important to your well-being. Don’t stop seeing your friends because you can’t find the time. You need to remain social. Plan one day a week where you can join your friends for a meal, a walk in the park, or something you all enjoy.

If you’re struggling to find enough time to do fun things like this, talk to your family about helping out. If no one will, it’s time to hire home care assistance providers to help your parents.

Arrange Help From a Home Care Assistance Agency

Hire caregivers to provide home care assistance services. Your mom and dad have the help they need, but you’re not the only one providing that assistance. It’s a win-win situation with caregivers helping out when you take breaks. Our home care assistance specialist can help you get set up.

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Emily Sloma