Home Care Assistance: Making Christmas Cards With Seniors

Not every senior loves the holidays, and it can be sad for them. Home care assistance services can help try to ease the burden off seniors and find ways to keep them busy but also to invoke the holiday spirit. Home care assistance is perfect for seniors who are alone because it gives them a companion who can help out every day.

Home Care Assistance Novato CA - Home Care Assistance: Making Christmas Cards With Seniors

Home Care Assistance Novato CA – Home Care Assistance: Making Christmas Cards With Seniors

Something that a senior may need help with is finding hobbies to enjoy. This is the year to start an art hobby and then use those skills to create holiday cards to send to family and friends.

Some seniors may not feel the need to do this activity, but it can be something fun for home care assistance aides to do with a senior. Arts and crafts can be very important for a senior to do. It is a form of self-expression that can help a senior relax and de-stress. Even if a senior does not wish to make holiday cards, there are other holiday arts and crafts they can do.

Here are some easy ideas a senior can do to make holiday cards for friends and family. Most of these ideas will be easy with a home care assistance provider helping.

Burlap Ornaments on Cards

Using hot glue and burlap a senior can create little star ornaments with twine string around the top. This can be attached to the front of the card and look really in season for the holidays. This takes the art a step further and can be a longer process for seniors. It is perfect for seniors who like detailed projects.

Drawing Favorite Animals

Everyone has a favorite animal, including the senior you watch after. Have them start practicing how to draw their favorite animal and then make themed cards to send out. These can be woodland creatures, safari animals, or water animals too.

Christmas Villages

A senior can either learn how to draw a senior village, or use a thick colored card and cut out a village on white paper. At an art store a senior may even be able to find a stencil that they can use to paint on cards. This is a perfect way to create Christmas cards even if a senior is not confident in their art skills.

Using Old Buttons

If a senior loves buttons they may have an entire collection to choose from. They can choose three of the same color to create a snowman and tie a piece of string on the top. Seniors can hot glue the buttons on the card and draw the rest of the features afterwards.


Some seniors may love painting, and this is the best way to put those skills to good use. They can paint a Christmas themed card. There are also stencils that will have holiday quotes that can be painted over it.

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Emily Sloma