How to Your Senior to Get the Exercise They Need

With the aging of the population, more and more seniors are suffering from health conditions that make it difficult to exercise. A common problem among the elderly is joint pain. As the senior gets older, joint pain can become a major hindrance to their ability to exercise. Having home care assistance there to watch over them can help them to stay safe while exercising.

Home Care Assistance Cotati CA - How to Your Senior to Get the Exercise They Need

Home Care Assistance Cotati CA – How to Your Senior to Get the Exercise They Need

There are many reasons why older adults need to exercise. Not only is it good for their health, but it is also good for their psyche. A study suggests that exercise can improve their cognitive skills as well as their physical strength.

Physical Strength

Seniors who exercise regularly have a greater range of motion in their joints, which allows them to move around more easily. In addition, exercise can help maintain muscle mass. Muscle mass is important when it comes to keeping bones strong and keeping the body in good shape. In addition, exercise can help prevent injuries.

Mental Stability

Studies have shown that exercise can help improve mental status. These studies suggest that it can improve attention, memory, and emotional stability. In addition, it can reduce stress and anxiety.

How to Help Your Senior Get the Exercise They Need

There are many reasons that seniors need to get more exercise. A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to health problems later on in life, and can decrease their independence.

Luckily, there are ways that seniors can get more exercise, even if they are limited in mobility.

1. Frequent Walks

One of the easiest ways for seniors to get more exercise is to take more walks. Walks are easy for seniors, as they are low impact. A short walk can help your senior clear their head, and get moving.

Another benefit of walking is that it is a social activity. If your senior is living independently, they may not have enough social interaction. Taking walks is an easy way for seniors to have conversations with friends.

2. Swimming

Swimming is another great exercise for seniors. It is low impact, and low stress on the joints as it will help with their mobility.

You can also make life easier for your senior by installing a pool lift, which allows them to get in and out of the pool with ease.

3. Exercise Equipment

If your senior is living independently with the help of home care assistance, working out at home can be a great solution.

There are many types of equipment that work well for seniors. Seniors can use lightweight dumbbells, or can use exercise bands that are designed for seniors with arthritis.

Home Care Assistance Can Help with Keeping Active

Exercise has many benefits for seniors. Not only does it help them stay healthy, but it also helps them to maintain their independence.

You may be worried about how much exercise your older loved one can do, but you should know that there is no such thing as too much exercise. As long as they can do it safely, they should stick to their exercise routine, and they should challenge themselves to do more.

Home care assistance can keep your senior active and independent in the comfort of their home. Give us a call today!


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