Home Care Assistance For Seniors With Dementia

If you have a senior parent with dementia trying to figure out the best care for your parent can be extremely difficult. Most seniors prefer to stay in their own homes as they get older. And for people with dementia staying in familiar surroundings where they have decades of family memories can have some big advantages over institutional care. Home care assistance services may be the answer for your senior loved one.

But there’s always some risk of leaving a senior parent with dementia alone at home even if their dementia hasn’t progressed very far yet. With home care assistance services, seniors with dementia can stay in their own homes longer and have the comfort and other benefits of being in familiar surroundings.

Home care assistance providers can help seniors with dementia by:

Home Care Assistance Healdsburg CA - Home Care Assistance For Seniors With Dementia

Home Care Assistance Healdsburg CA – Home Care Assistance For Seniors With Dementia

Preventing Wandering

If your senior loved one has started to wander a little bit or tends to go off on walks or go out the door without anyone knowing, home care assistance can keep them safely on the property or in the house. You may still need to put alarms or alerts on the doors but if a care provider is in the house at all times your senior loved one will not be able to leave without the care provider knowing. The experienced care provider can redirect your senior loved one and keep them safe at home.

Preventing Household Disasters

In the early stages of dementia, seniors may start to do things that could be dangerous. Without realizing it they may leave faucets running and the floor in the bathroom or the kitchen. Or they may leave doors wide open. They also could forget to take pots and pans off the stove or leave the stove on. A care provider that is in the house with your senior parent will always make sure that they are safe and that there is no impending disaster in the house like a flood or a fire.

Making Sure Seniors Eat And Drink

Seniors who have dementia tend to forget to eat and drink. As dementia progresses they may be unable to read their body’s cues for food, water, and rest. That’s why many seniors who have dementia end up malnourished and dehydrated. With a home care assistance provider there to take care of your senior loved one, you will be sure that your senior loved one is getting regular nutritious meals and that they are drinking enough water to be healthy.

Home Care Assistance Services Make Sure The House Is Safe

Another way that home care assistance helps seniors with dementia is by making sure that the house is safe for them to move around in. A care provider can move furniture or rugs, clean up piles of clutter or debris, and make sure that seniors have an unobstructed path through the house so that they won’t fall. A care provider can also make suggestions for things that you can do to the house to make it safer for your senior parent with dementia.

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