Bladder-Friendly Foods For Seniors

Seniors who struggle with an overactive bladder may feel as if they have to limit delicious foods or miss out on activities that they would love to go to. Summer is quickly approaching, and rest assured that home care assistance providers can help your parents find foods that are bladder-friendly. The first step is to ensure home care assistance providers drive them to their doctor to find out as many bladder-friendly foods as possible. The next step is for your senior to create a delicious meal plan based on those foods.

Home Care Assistance Petaluma CA - Bladder-Friendly Foods For Seniors

Home Care Assistance Petaluma CA – Bladder-Friendly Foods For Seniors

If you’re feeling left out or you’re not sure what to make for family dinner when your mom or dad comes over, that’s okay; there are plenty of foods to choose from. The trick is to understand which meals are more likely to irritate and more likely to calm your bladder. You should avoid caffeine, alcohol, citrus fruits, tomato-based goods, artificial sweeteners, and spicy meals in general.

There are several bladder-friendly foods you and home care assistance aides can choose from that will create the perfect summer dish this year.

Include Pears

Offering pears can be a great way to include something your senior will love, and it is bladder-friendly. If you want to make a fancy dish for a picnic, you can grill the pears and serve them with a nice cheese.

Pears are a good source of fiber for your elderly parent, and they are lower-calorie than other food choices.

Green Beans for Dinner

Even if you’re not cooking something fancy and you are just trying to find something to help your senior meal prep, green beans are a great option. They are around 31 calories per cup and filling. They won’t add to your senior’s overactive bladder but help them feel better throughout the day.

Try roasting them or even adding them to a nice salad for dinner. It’s an easy option, and many seniors can cook these themselves.

Potatoes Are Bladder-Friendly

Now, potatoes do not mean McDonald’s french fries. However, fresh potatoes are a great and filling option for seniors who have bladder control issues. These can be baked or boiled and mashed. They are a great nutritional source that won’t add any extra trips to the bathroom for your senior.

Adding In Lean Protein

One of the finest proteins to consume is lean protein when aiming to minimize bladder inflammation. They taste best when steamed, broiled, or baked. Cooking these lean proteins in too much oil or frying them might cause discomfort. Low-fat chicken, pork, turkey, cattle, and fish are all acceptable sources of lean protein for bladder health.

Eat Eggs For Breakfast Or Dinner

Eggs are another excellent source of protein that will not irritate your bladder. They’re really among the least unpleasant meals for many bladder diseases, and they’re a vital component of a healthy diet.

Home Care Assistance Aides can Monitor Better Drinking Options

Another factor that might have a negative influence on your bladder health is the sort of liquids you consume daily. While caffeine is useful in the morning, it is a bladder irritant and may alter your body’s communication signals. Sugary beverages, such as soda pop or sports drinks, may put a strain on your bladder and create inflammation.

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