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Summertime is traditionally the season for opening up the windows, getting the pools ready, hitting the beach, and firing up the grills. Home care providers are not immune to these activities asHome Care in Novato CA they are also airing out the house, getting the senior out in the sunshine, and looking for as many opportunities to engage socially as they can. With some preplanning, the family’s loved one can enjoy these outdoor activities and feasts. However, a few factors must be taken into consideration first.

Does the Senior Want to Attend?

This is the first question in-home care providers must ask the senior. Their response, as well as their energy level and their physical capability, dictates whether or not anyone attends this activity or not. Sometimes the senior has a sensitivity to loud noises or strong smells, and the home care provider must take that into consideration. They may also not feel up to being around grill smoke, bugs, or heat.

Is the Situation Comfortable for the Senior?

Are all the physical requirements of the senior being taken into consideration by the elder care provider? While they may have special chairs at their home, this isn’t expected at a barbeque. However, there should be something available or brought with a cushion and sturdy back. When barbecue are held in areas where shade is not provided, the senior care provider must plan ahead by bringing a chair with a canopy or a separate beach umbrella.

Is Proper Transportation Available?

When a barbeque is held in a public park or other public area, some pre-planning may need to be considered by the in-home care provider. Is the barbeque or picnic being held a long distance away from the parking area, or can the vehicle be pulled right up to the spot? If it’s a long distance, a wheelchair may be needed so the senior doesn’t have to worry about walking long distances.

Will Everyone be Attentive?

If the senior isn’t able to get up and get around, it is up to the home care provider to ensure other guests of the barbeque make it over to socialize with them. Otherwise, the entire experience may turn out to be a boring one for the senior. If the senior must have their food cut up for them and are too embarrassed to have it done for them in public, senior care providers can consider serving finger foods to them or discreetly cutting the foods out of sight.

Final Thoughts:

There are many opportunities to keep a senior loved one active and in the community when barbecue are in full swing during the summer. However, it’s important to gauge their interest and their physical ability prior to adding that activity to a home care routine. Otherwise, they may quickly become frustrated, overwhelmed, or discouraged with the activity. The point of developing social activities as part of elder care routines is to bring enjoyment, rather than frustration, therefore activities such as a barbeque should be gauged on an event to event basis.

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