Senior Care in Sonoma CA

When an elderly loved one lives in your home, you have to keep their needs in mind for planning for the holidays. As New Year’s approaches, it’s a great idea to plan a fun celebration that will ringSenior-Care-Sonoma-CA in the New Year while keeping the senior’s health challenges in mind. Get the family, elder care providers, and friends involved with the celebration to make it special for your loved one. If you need some ideas for a great New Year’s bash, here are some wonderful ways you can celebrate New Year’s with your senior.

 Make a Family Time Capsule

One exciting idea is to build your own time capsule on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. Get everyone, from extended family to home care professionals, involved in this project. Even seniors with health or cognitive issues can have fun contributing to this activity. Have everyone contribute something to the time capsule. As each item is added to the time capsule, you can have the individual tell about why they feel that specific item should go in the time capsule. Another fun idea is to do a themed capsule, such as a capsule of photos or a capsule with special crafts.

Consider Watching the Ball Drop Together

Another fun idea for celebrating the New Year with your elderly loved one is to watch the ball drop together. Of course, some seniors and their elder care providers may not want to stay up until midnight, but it’s possible to watch the ball drop in another time zone so you can enjoy the moment without keeping your loved one up late.

 Spend Time Sharing New Year’s Resolutions

Add more fun to your New Year’s celebration by sharing New Year’s resolutions. You can have everyone talk about their resolutions, taking turns sharing them. It may also be fun to have elder care professionals, family, and friends write down their resolutions on a piece of paper. Then you can read the resolutions aloud and see if everyone can guess whose resolution you are reading.

 Invite Family for a New Year’s Dinner

Since having a party late on New Year’s Eve may not work well for some seniors, having a New Year’s Dinner is an excellent way to celebrate together. Invite family members and friends to bring a dish to the festivities. Add some festive decorations and some fun activities and everyone, both young and old, will enjoy celebrating the beginning of a New Year.

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