How Can Elderly Care Help with Dementia?

Caring for an older adult with dementia can be very challenging. It’s not something family caregivers should go into lightly. Nor should they expect to provide the constant care that people with dementia need in the later stages. To provide all the necessary care, many families choose to hire elderly care to assist.

Elderly Care Sonoma CA - How Can Elderly Care Help with Dementia?

Elderly Care Sonoma CA – How Can Elderly Care Help with Dementia?

Elderly care offers non-medical assistance to older adults who prefer to remain at home as they age. With their help, even seniors with dementia can live out their lives at home. There is a wide variety of things that elderly care can do for your aging relative with dementia, including the things described below.


Because dementia affects judgement and causes confusion, older adults with the disease cannot be left alone. Dementia can cause them to wander away and get lost. They might also attempt to cook a meal and leave the stove on, causing a fire. However, it isn’t realistic to expect a single family caregiver, or even a few of them, to be able to provide round-the-clock care. Elderly care providers can be scheduled to stay with the older adult while family caregivers work, attend to other responsibilities, or simply take a well-earned break.

Meal Preparation

It’s important for seniors with dementia to eat healthy meals that promote improved overall health. Unfortunately, the later stages of the disease make it impossible for them to prepare meals for themselves. In fact, they will likely have difficulty eating on their own at some point. Elderly care providers can prepare balanced meals and snacks while caring for the older adult.


Although their minds no longer work in the same way they once did, people with dementia have the same needs as anyone else. One of those needs is to remain active and engaged. Boredom can make certain challenging behaviors associated with dementia more likely to occur or more pronounced. Elderly care providers can involve seniors with dementia in activities that are appropriate for their abilities and interests.

Assistance with Personal Hygiene

Dementia makes doing the most basic of tasks, including dressing and washing, impossible without assistance. But, seniors with dementia need to maintain good personal hygiene to stay healthy and avoid infections. In addition, they deserve to keep their dignity. Elderly care providers can help your loved one to dress or bathe safely, so they don’t fall. In addition, an elderly care provider can help with choosing clothes appropriate for the weather, dressing, and grooming.

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