While planning elderly care, you keep seeing companionship services. You think you know what companionship covers, but you’re not certain. Here are five things companionship services cover and two things they don’t.

What Companionship Services Cover

Elderly Care Sebastopol CA - Five Things Companionship Services Cover and Two They Don't

Elderly Care Sebastopol CA – Five Things Companionship Services Cover and Two They Don’t

#1 – Accompaniment: Your parents don’t have to go to appointments or stores alone. A caregiver can drive them there, if needed, and join them for the duration of that outing.

#2 – Encouragement: Your parents have routines they need to follow for their well-being. It might be getting out and walking for 30 minutes every day or completing a series of leg strengthening exercises. Caregivers become cheerleaders who are there to encourage your parents to complete their goals and offer praise when they do.

#3 – Entertainment: Caregivers can come to your parents’ house and not do any housekeeping chores. They can be there simply to entertain your parents by playing games, reading books, or watching movies together. If your parent has a hobby, caregivers can help them with the more challenging steps, such as threading a needle or opening a container of glue.

#4 – Friendship: To ensure your mom and dad are not lonely, caregivers can stop and offer friendship. Caregivers can sit with your parents for an hour of conversation without being assigned any other tasks. You could arrange to have a caregiver stay and eat a meal with your parents to keep them from eating alone.

#5 – Guidance: Many of the daily tasks your parents complete are things they can do independently. They just need a little guidance in order to complete the task. They may need a reminder to take medications after they eat or where to put things to prevent clutter.

Things They Don’t

#1 – Medical Care: While a caregiver is with your parents, you figure the caregiver could help you out and inject your dad’s insulin or draw blood to test his blood sugar levels. Caregivers cannot perform medical procedures. You’re putting a caregiver in a tough spot if you push the issue. If medical care services are needed, you need to talk to an elderly care agency to arrange visits from nurses.

#2 – Services for the Whole Family: You show up to visit your mom while her caregiver is there. The caregiver is getting lunch for your mom. You expect her to add your meal to her list now that you’re there. That shouldn’t happen. A caregiver is there for your mom. While it may benefit the rest of the family, the caregiver is not obligated to start offering meal preparation to you, too.

Arrange companionship services on a schedule that matches your parents’ needs. An elderly care advisor can help you come up with the right timing and frequency for these visits. Call our elderly care agency to arrange companionship services.

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