Every adult and child should be active for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. The goal is to be active at least five days a week. You need exercise just as much as your parents do. If you spend time providing some of the help they need, make them exercise with you.

Elderly Care Santa Rosa CA - Make Your Exercise Goals Part of Your Parents' Care Plan

Elderly Care Santa Rosa CA – Make Your Exercise Goals Part of Your Parents’ Care Plan

When you add your parents’ exercise goals to your own, you get two things done at once. It frees up time for other chores. Instead of getting your exercise and then spending 30 minutes making sure your parents do, put on a 30-minute fitness video that the three of you do together.

Talk to Their Doctors

Make sure your parents are able to do the exercises that appeal to you. If you want to put on a Yoga video, make sure your parents can stretch those muscles. Ask their doctors for guidance on whether they should do the workout from a chair or if they can do it standing up with you.

When you’re talking to the doctor, see if there are other exercises that are recommended. If the doctor thinks that Tai Chi would be perfect for your dad, try Tai Chi with him and see if you like it. Your mom’s doctor may think pool aerobics are ideal for her arthritic joints.

Come Up With Fun Activities That Everyone Enjoys

Exercise doesn’t have to be stereotypical workouts. You might think of getting on a treadmill or doing an aerobics video and that’s fine. If it isn’t appealing to your parents, come up with new activities that appeal to everyone.

Take your parents to a local nature trail that offers orienteering courses. See what they think of using a compass and map to find the marker. Take them to a disc golf course and play your way through the course.

Take a ballroom dancing course with your parents. You could sign up for kayaking lessons. All provide physical fitness and can also be a lot of fun for all of you.

When you work 40 hours and have overtime hours added every now and then, you may not have time to spend at your parents’ house. Keep them active by arranging elderly care services. Elderly care aides can encourage them to keep their goal of 30 minutes of exercise each day.

Call our elderly care agency and ask about prices and schedules. Not only can a caregiver be available to encourage your parents to exercise, but caregivers can also help them with other tasks like housekeeping, meals, and companionship. Call to learn more.

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